Youtube’s Vidcon Encapsulates All That’s Wrong With America

Since I'm an Internet content creator, I occasionally patronize other creators' content to see what the general public finds interesting. I decided to watch some YouTubers who were at Vidcon this year, only to be slapped in the face with pure prepubescent cringe. I could not believe the amount of autism that was prevalent & … Continue reading Youtube’s Vidcon Encapsulates All That’s Wrong With America

Baller Friday Movie: “Greedy”

It's another Baller Friday, and that means another movie courtesy of the Internetz!  This week's movie is titled "Greedy." Starring Michael J. Fox, Phil Hartman, Kurt Douglas and other notables in this funny, yet serious comedy. Uncle Joe (Kurt Douglas) is an aging millionaire and his family are all chopping at the bits for him … Continue reading Baller Friday Movie: “Greedy”

Ghost’s Response To Styxhexenhammer666….

I would like to begin by thanking Styxhexenhammer666 for his kind words and advice. I'm very much a fan of his work and appreciate his contribution to independent content creation. I don't plan on quitting the broadcast completely, I need a bit of a break from broadcasting LIVE for 3 hours straight a day. Moreover, the recent attacks … Continue reading Ghost’s Response To Styxhexenhammer666….