Ghost’s Official Social Media Is

Since Twitter banned me for life because I created and used the term "poz-hole," I'm officially announcing my new social media outlet as Not only has Gab verified my account, but they have been very gracious in their acceptance of the True Capitalist Radio audience. So if you haven't gotten a free account with Gab, then … Continue reading Ghost’s Official Social Media Is


Ghost’s Response To Styxhexenhammer666….

I would like to begin by thanking Styxhexenhammer666 for his kind words and advice. I'm very much a fan of his work and appreciate his contribution to independent content creation. I don't plan on quitting the broadcast completely, I need a bit of a break from broadcasting LIVE for 3 hours straight a day. Moreover, the recent attacks … Continue reading Ghost’s Response To Styxhexenhammer666….

The New Ghost.Report! I’m doing me…

I started this website with the intention of delivering news and reporting on current events. But unfortunately, no one really cared! So as a result, I've decided to dedicate this website as a social media style outlet for myself and the show(s). So bookmark this website to get up-to-date content from yours truly. I will … Continue reading The New Ghost.Report! I’m doing me…