OnlyFans “Models” Are Digital Prostitutes And Should Be Treated As Such…

In this day and age of fourth-wave Feminism, which also ushered in the #MeToo movement, the irony of “OnlyFans models” underscores how irrational and hypocritical the entire Feminist movement actually is. Feminism has the modern Western Woman believing that they should demand chivalry and courtship, while at the same time promoting Slut Walks and wearing “pussy hats” at Women’s rallies. That Women should not be objectified and should be respected, and yet sell their sexuality and promote abortion as birth control. And whenever one attempts to highlight these vast discrepancies in modern Woman logic, Women obstinately refuse to acknowledge such contradictions and/or use sympathetic coercion to manipulate third parties to garner support for such nonsensical logic.  This form of thinking has most modern Woman growing old and alone because of the unrealistic, Feminist induced standards and beliefs of the traditional male and female relationship.

The phenomena of Onlyfans, a website that allows content creators to sell sexuality and fetishes to the most vile and creepy People who pay money for the “privilege” to merely see one’s wares, has given rise to the so-called “Onlyfans model.” What Women (or anyone) doesn’t understand is that one gives up certain parts of their soul and sanctity in exchange for fast money selling their sexuality to desperate and perverted People. Case in point, the porn entity Mia Khalifa; who claimed she only made $12,000 for all the vile pornography she did in her so-called short career. When Khalifa attempted to rebrand herself pretending that the filthy porn she made never existed, she was ridiculed and laughed at. As a result, Khalifa had to resort to doing the only thing she has been recognized for; being a legal prostitute on her own OnlyFans. Women must understand that once your put yourself out there as a prostitute for sale, then certain traditional expectations (such as respect, chivalry, courtship, etc) are null and void for the rest of their lives.

And yet, Feminists have embraced this objectification at the detriment to Women themselves. Because of the willful objectification of modern Women, Women of actual substance, intelligence and decency are now overlooked because of their lack of “sexual appeal.” For instance, most national female politicians who’ve obtained positions of power are either ex-beauty queens or sell sex appeal. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Tulsi Gabbard, Lauren Boebert, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) are just some of the Women who have sky rocketed to positions it would take Men or non attractive Women most of their lives to achieve; all because they sell their sex appeal which supersedes actual qualifications and/or credentials in this “Onlyfans Feminist” reality.

Instead of non-attractive Women standing up against this objectification, they gather around in Women’s rallies and either dress up like a vagina or wear a “pussy hat” to celebrated this step backwards for Women. Below is footage of the “Million Women March” in 2017. This has to be one of the most embarrassing and ridiculous events ever to grace Washington D.C. that accomplished absolutely nothing.

Real Feminists would be denouncing the advancement and profiteering from objectified sexuality; instead this group of mostly obese and unattractive trollops are championing their own subjugation whether they consciously know it or not. The only way to combat this is to treat Women who promote this garbage like the pieces of “back of the dumpster” whores that they are. Any Woman who believes sexuality as a means of advancement or profit is the loose (no pun intended) definition of the word prostitute. The moment a majority of Men and Women begin to shun this mentality, the quicker it will fade away and/or become a part of the seedy underworld where all this garbage belongs.

Moreover, if you are an “OnlyFans model,” it goes to show that your life value is nothing more then being masturbation material to freaks and perverts. What kind of contribution is that to society? If this is the culmination of the Feminist movement, then Women were infinitely more valuable when they were in the kitchen and being the matriarch of their family. Instead women have even made mockery of Human creation by making “abortion” the number one Woman issue in today’s politic. Below is a video of abortion protests because of the recent Supreme Court overturning of Roe V. Wade; the narcotic lunacy is ever present in this clip.

So what are men supposed to be courting or respecting given the current emotionally and mentally ill state of Women in Western civilization? When the majority of Women are mainstream prostitutes and/or proud baby killers, it makes a bit of sense why Islamic countries will fight till the death to prevent what they’re witnessing in the West from happening to their culture because of “Women liberation.” And the irony about this is that these same hooker, pro-abortion Women actually endorse Islam and have Women in hijabs (a symbol of Woman oppression) marching side by side with them as they wear their pussy hats; how more ignorant can you get?

So in conclusion, if you are an Onlyfans model, then you are the posterchild of soullessness and contradiction of Feminism. You are proof that Women don’t know what they want, even when they have everything they want. You are as dirty as a truck stop toilet seat while pretending in your mind that you’re as pure as the German snow. You are disposable road trash that has no value or meaning outside making your privates public. You are a pile of Human protoplasm who’s only use in life is to ejaculate penises to earn a living. To give you all ANY respect would be like praising Jerry Sandusky for child development. The only respect that Onlyfans hookers deserve is to be asked “how much?” Anyone who thinks otherwise is a outrageous simp, cuckold or a low grade prostitute themselves.