After John Fetterman Debate, Are Democrats Trying to Rig His Election For Him to Win?

After the cringeworthy and embarrassing display of a post-stroke John Fetterman in his only debate for the Pennsylvania Senate, it seems the Democrats are doubling down with their support for this convalescent.  For those who are living under a rock, and have not seen the debate, below is the video of the entire debate. Cue up to any John Fetterman response and prepare to watch a painful and sad attempt at Democrats propping up a man clearly not mentally fit to hold office.

Believe it or not, the Democrats still believe this sick man is still electable in Pennsylvania and have forced both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to campaign (and even dusted off Obama too) heavily for Fetterman in an attempt to memory-hole this horrific debate performance. This desperation by the Democrats to still focus time, effort and money on this race suggest something more sinister.

John Fetterman, who was Lieutenant Governor of Penn during the 2020 Presidential elections, was key in prolonging the vote count and allowing questionable “mail-in ballots” to be counted in the Trump-Biden election. Fetterman used his political power and regional influence to allow Joe Biden to take the State in the electoral college. This is where Fetterman made his national name and put him in the position to run for Senate. Below is a video of Fetterman boasting about finding more “mail-in ballots” that put Joe Biden in a small lead and that he “believes in Math.” Whatever that means…

The Democrats are so desperate to win the Senate that they don’t care if a vegetable is in that Senate seat, so long as that vegetable will vote with the party without question. Moreover, it’s almost as if the Democrats owe Fetterman for the unscrupulous tactics used within his corrupt State for Joe Biden to win its electoral votes. Well it seems the crooked Pennsylvania tactics are afoot to force a Fetterman win.

I remember a couple of election cycles ago when the American People used to know who the winner was on election night. But now the Pennsylvania Secretary of State is already warning voters that “possible delays in election results are typical” for the midterms. Why the delay? Mail-in ballots!

In January of this year, an appellate court ruled Pennsylvania’s mail voting law was unconstitutional, but the current Democrat Governor Tom Wolf has kept it in place while it was on another appeal. Even the Pennsylvania ACLU (a Liberal organization) sent a letter to all county election officials about their detailed concerns over mail-in balloting. But that hasn’t stopped this corrupt State of Pennsylvania from compromising the voting process.

Recently, the GOP have attempted to urge the Penn Supreme Court to rule that undated or incorrectly dated “mail in ballots” should not be counted on Nov. 8 in an attempt to circumvent discrepancies in the vote count given the current circumstances. The Penn Supreme court is currently deliberating over this issue at the time of this article (less the two weeks before the midterm election). But its looking as if the court will rule that either election officials “set aside ballots” with or without dates and/or paperwork mistakes. Or the court will rule that a date on the “mail in ballot” is NOT an issue and to be counted regardless. Either of the rulings mentioned previous is still a breeding ground for voting corruption.

So if John Fetterman is elected Senator, especially after that mentally challenged debate, then we’ll all know that Pennsylvania is a POS corrupt State that will create new voting laws and procedures that are against the U.S. Constitution in order to sel-ect not el-ect a candidate. There is NO WAY a majority of ANY group of People would elect such a brain-injured person to such a powerful position. Communication and oratory skills are mandatory to be a politician (its literally the job), and if Fetterman can’t communicate then he’s incompetent and unfit for the office; plain and simple. Anyone who still supports Fetterman after all this are People who hate the America and are using the mental retardation of Fetterman to sabotage it (there is no other explanation).

And for those claiming I’m spreading disinformation (even though this article is littered with sources) about voter fraud and corruption, Hillary Clinton came out this week and stated that “Republicans plan to steal the next Presidential election, without ANY proof. So who’s spreading disinformation now?


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