Watch “The Real Anthony Fauci” the Movie by Robert Kennedy Jr.

Arrest this man!

The COVID19 shut down of 2020 took years away from our lives in the name of “public health,” and anyone who spoke against it was canceled, silenced, deplatformed, demonitized and shunned as someone who “doesn’t believe in science.” But now the truth is starting to come out that COVID19 (SARS-CoV-2) is found to be synthetic in origin; not a natural mutation. So why did “they” do this to the People of the world?

Robert Kennedy Jr. has been one of the few voices deconstructing the COVD19 narrative that was created by government Health institutions, propagated the mainstream media and exploited by Big Pharma. His organization, Children Health Defense, has been at the forefront of exposing the truth behind COVID and the vaccines mandated because of it. Now, Kennedy has produced a bombshell of a movie that documents the level of greed, corruption and sinisterism behind the veil of this nightmare bestowed on the world.

Below is the movie produced by Robert Kennedy Jr. aptly called “The Real Anthony Fauci.” After watching this documentary, it will put in perspective the evil motives of Fauci, the government Health institutions, institutional science and Big Pharma. It is a must watch FOR EVERYONE! So please spread this movie to as many People as you can so that they can step out of the COVID19 mental bubble and know the truth.



After watching this movie, its important to promoted the arrest and interrogation of Fauci and other culprits mentioned in this documentary, before any other deadly diseases, viruses or any other biologically weaponized agent is released into the public (whether intentional or accidental). The People of the world CAN NOT allow this to happen again, and not allow the culprits to get away with the death and destruction they put on the People of the world. Remember, Freedom isn’t given; its TAKEN! Please share with as many People you know!


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