“Universal Question” – Ghost

As my material vessel withers

Perception becomes a reflection of confusion

Innocence turns to cancer

Optimism turns to irradiated nausea

And life becomes fertilizer for an uncertain tomorrow


Coveted materials create cheap highs

Death of the loved creates a blood clotted soul

Injectable serums are a social virtue

Science is assembly line suicide

And media becomes a lifetime three-card-Monte


God becomes a captor

Reincarnation becomes a curse

Are we angels, demons or a animated snuff film

Distribution of pain and suffering is Communist-like

I have to ask God one question

What did we ever do to you?



2 thoughts on ““Universal Question” – Ghost

  1. ‘YOU DEFIED ME. BEGONE FROM MY GARDEN! .. and here, so ya don’t think I’m vindictive or anything.. have some Free Will and we’ll just see what kinda shenanigans YOU get into.’

  2. Ghost we want the cans not your lame ass poems that you think that they are genius which they aren’t if you don’t sell them today then it shows that you are not a man who goes by his word