“Universal Question” – Ghost

As my material vessel withers Perception becomes a reflection of confusion Innocence turns to cancer Optimism turns to irradiated nausea And life becomes fertilizer for an uncertain tomorrow   Coveted materials create cheap highs Death of the loved creates a blood clotted soul Injectable serums are a social virtue Science is assembly line suicide And … Continue reading “Universal Question” – Ghost

“Where To Vent Your Frustration” – By Ghost

At the paid talking head deceivers in the box of moving pictures White coats who are reengineering the code of Man Race hustlers exploiting strife to live in White towers Fiber optic overlords who control the language Sold souls who are material to Frankenstein systems Those who profess to educate schools of youth DNA receptacles … Continue reading “Where To Vent Your Frustration” – By Ghost

“The Magic of Time” – Ghost

Time is the ultimate magician Turning innocent children into empty and bitter old curmudgeons Turning civility into unbridled anarchy Turning common sense into insanity   The magic of time casts collective spells Leaving motivation broken into jagged shards Leaving the masses cutting themselves on the rough edges Leaving nothing but memories of pain stained in … Continue reading “The Magic of Time” – Ghost

Poetic Modernity

This life is not a gift, its a punishment from the Creator While evil beings shape-shift, Doctor death kills with a ventilator   Man made disease and viruses plague, as the war machine preps for mass killing Science creating the artificial egg, while recoding the DNA of the unwilling   Murdering and eating is a … Continue reading Poetic Modernity

Anti-Globalist Prose

We need to have an intellectual renaissance among the Human race Will the powers that be stop poisoning us in that case? Defeat seems imminent amidst the current morale Globalism and its arrogance is the tool for exploitation And then the Enlightened will defeat the darkness Humanity will then understand the deception Will the masses … Continue reading Anti-Globalist Prose