Poetic Modernity

This life is not a gift,

its a punishment from the Creator

While evil beings shape-shift,

Doctor death kills with a ventilator


Man made disease and viruses plague,

as the war machine preps for mass killing

Science creating the artificial egg,

while recoding the DNA of the unwilling


Murdering and eating is a recipe for survival,

that’s the basis for life in this place

Booze and drugs become a spiritual revival,

for the pills kill you at a faster pace


Good memories become a lifetime of pain,

because EVERYTHING dies in the end

Is anyone in this life really sane,

or are we all just playing pretend


Blissful ignorance dominates the mind-set,

words over actions has become a Human’s definition

Thoughts have become a dangerous threat,

while getting HIV has become a competition


Random violence is the new civility,

being a manchild hermit has become a safe space

How much longer can I take the instability,

please get this world OUT OF MY FUCKING FACE!



By: Ghost

6 thoughts on “Poetic Modernity

  1. What’s the point of living today?

    If the world may end another day?

    If boomers could show up to work on Sunday,

    Maybe people wouldn’t be angry on Monday.

  2. Come on, Doomler. Cheer up man. The world may be going to shit, but lifes good. Even though I agree that trying to bring attention to important issues is a noble cause, that doesnt change the fact, that tens of thousands of innocent people go missing in our national parks every year.

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