Banned From YouTube, AGAIN! New PLATFORM?

Well, it was bound to happen! We’ve been banned yet again from YouTube for merely discussing and being critical of the current COVID19/vaccine policies; at least that’s what we believe. “The Ghost Show epsiode 241 – “Just My Luck” was taken off the air midstream by YouTube’s content police while we were reviewing a Senator Rand Paul interview where he states that “the Delta virus is more contagious, but far less deadly than COVID19.” We ended up finishing the on DLive, which is where the Tuesday and Thursday show will be because of the YouTube ban.

Luckily, the good folks at reached out to me on Twitter and invited me to stream on their platform. I responded saying that I didn’t have the LBRY credits (the crypto the platform uses) necessary to stream on their website. They instantly responded by saying they gave me the LBRY credits needed (I only needed 16, they gave me like 150) and to begin streaming at any time. Given their personal invite and generosity, I instantly committed the next “Baller Friday Show” to be streamed on Odysee!

So THIS BALLER FRIDAY (08/6/2021), we will be LIVE on Odysee! Click here to to join Odysee and join us this Friday at 9:00pm CST for “The Baller Friday episode 2.” I will Tweet out the link of the LIVE SHOW (Twitter feed is also on this website if you don’t have an account) and hope you spend your Friday night with us.



P.S. Don’t forget to join Odysee, for its THE ONLY PLATFORM to actually invite us to use their services.

P.S.S. The Tuesday and Thursday Shows at 8:30PM CST and the Sunday show at 9:00PM CST will still air on DLIVE until further notice; check back here on the website for any show and/or platform changes.

5 thoughts on “Banned From YouTube, AGAIN! New PLATFORM?

  1. Made an account on there, but it was really annoying becuase they want your phone number of credit card just to make a name for your account. I just ended up using an online number.

      1. like the discord? i went there and they still wanted my phone number or something dont remember.

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