New Official Streaming Location Beginning Tuesday

It looks like yours truly is getting persecuted by the censorship of big-tech because I refuse to be politically correct. DLive has suspended my streaming privileges for a week, which pretty much means they are priming me for a complete ban if we continue to do what we do.

As a result, we’re going back to! I’ve personally talked to the owners of the platform, and they are completely okay with our content. They recently added an app (for all you phone listeners) and the platform is about to get a complete overhaul. I’ve decided to take the whole Labor Day weekend off so we promote the new streaming  location, so everyone knows were to tune in on Tuesday.

The official channel on is Make sure to add that to your bookmarks and your favorites. The schedule of the LIVE shows are as follows:


The Ghost Show” on Tuesdays and Thursdays – 8:30pm CST at

The Baller Show” on Fridays – 9:00pm CST at

The Spontaneous Sunday Show” on Sundays – 9:00pm CST at


This schedule is always tentative because of the censorship, but AS OF RIGHT NOW, this is the time and locations of the show. Be sure to always check back here ( to get the 411 on the show.

Have a very safe Labor Day weekend, and I will see you all this Tuesday, September 7, 2021 on Hope to see you all there!



P.S. The owners of Vaughn also listen to the show, so they know what to expect.


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