Anti-Globalist Prose

We need to have an intellectual renaissance among the Human race

Will the powers that be stop poisoning us in that case?

Defeat seems imminent amidst the current morale

Globalism and its arrogance is the tool for exploitation

And then the Enlightened will defeat the darkness

Humanity will then understand the deception

Will the masses have the intelligence to obtain the light?

Prevail we must or defeat is inevitable

Against all obstacles we will conquer

All this world is ours if we mean it

Odds are explicitly against us


If all of our fate is death, then what is there to fear?

Not the burden of the artificial reality

Then what are you afraid of?

We must all understand the long game

Will is all that’s needed to purge the fear

All you need is to do is dominate the wraith

Die as if you have the thirst for immortality

In that moment, you will realize that this is all but a dream

The reason you’re here is to leave evidence of your existence

End it defeating the enemy that’s trying to kill you


If we submit those that we’re attempting to defeat

We go down in history as those who had the fortitude

Do have the mental and spiritual will?

Nothing can be manifested into something

Then you’ll have the same power as the enemy

We are at the will of those who know

Are you ready to enter the game?

Nothing is something like zero is to one.



4 thoughts on “Anti-Globalist Prose

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