Save Us – By Ghost

Some say simps sour social schools

Sad sight seeing sluts “slay” sanctity

Society sulks as Satan savors scrambled souls

Selective secular shysters sell sick situations

Symbolism scripts sorcerous seals

Secretly sedating seduced strangers

Subliminally sodomizing susceptible psyches

Sinful sideshow sex soils solitary sons

Soy spectacles surround spectrums

Cellular speech sows spineless sanctuaries

Subconsciously slowing simple splendors

Substance substitutes superstar subversion

Superficial suicide suggests solutions

So sympathetic Saints serve sincere solace


By: Ghost


5 thoughts on “Save Us – By Ghost

  1. please do not put skulls or bones in your updates, in China we do not like to look at skull. very bad luck. you have very big china fanbase, please respect china