“Moar Beer” – By Ghost

I need some moar beer!

Make this clown word disappear

Evaporate all the tears

Extinguish all the fear

I need some moar beer!

Make things not as they appear

My thoughts you may commandeer

Until reality reappears

I need some moar beer!

Yet another astronomical year

The past’s present is a souvenir

Left with emotions of yesteryear

I need some moar damn beer!

Submit to the spirits, I volunteer

Be my consciousness gondolier

Guide me to a place more sincere

I need some moar and moar beer!

Until I’m praying to the porcelain veneer

The regurgitated abyss becomes so clear

An experience to embrace and revere



By: Ghost

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  1. There once was a man named ghost who said he was an internet host so he posted this post expecting us to be most intrigued but instead alas we were not so ghost is not the host with the most

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