“Where To Vent Your Frustration” – By Ghost

At the paid talking head deceivers in the box of moving pictures

White coats who are reengineering the code of Man

Race hustlers exploiting strife to live in White towers

Fiber optic overlords who control the language

Sold souls who are material to Frankenstein systems

Those who profess to educate schools of youth

DNA receptacles who define their virtue with sexual perversion

Predators to the innocent kinder spirit of a child


At the lying leaders who dictate their will on mass populations

Collectivists who advocate selfish contradictions

Fallen stars attempting to be demi Gods

Techno lunatics ushering in artificial understanding

Zealots who tout about changing the world

Groups using sympathy to justify violence

Those who don’t question authority

And those who choose not to think!


At the political agitators who pit us against each other

Late night propagandists who deliver dry witted deceit

The creators of fatal antidote inoculations

And the power hungry bureaucrats who enforce it

The controllers who put us in concentrated bondage

The Satanists who are casting spells on us in concert

Those who stand by and do nothing

And the entity looking back at YOU in the mirror…


By: Ghost

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