“The Magic of Time” – Ghost

Time is the ultimate magician

Turning innocent children into empty and bitter old curmudgeons

Turning civility into unbridled anarchy

Turning common sense into insanity


The magic of time casts collective spells

Leaving motivation broken into jagged shards

Leaving the masses cutting themselves on the rough edges

Leaving nothing but memories of pain stained in blood


Time’s sorcery causes metamorphosis of souls

Changing the peaceful into battle hardened killers

Changing morality into primal debauchery

Changing local into global


Is time an evil God

An evil that creates life with death

An evil that uses the energy of despair to fuel its continuity

An evil that creates only to completely destroy


Time is the ultimate magician

Time takes away loved ones

Time takes away friends

Time takes away the optimism of tomorrow


Life is a stopwatch that’s ticking like a terrorist’s bomb

Once the time is up

Life flashes before your third eye

And all is left is the mangle bio-mechanical suit that proves you actually existed…


By: Ghost

4 thoughts on ““The Magic of Time” – Ghost

  1. i am officially calling it a retirement, ghost. have a very good day and the future for the inner circle without me. goodbye for now.

  2. Ghost, just admit you got Covid and are in the hospital and laying on a hospital bed. The only thing you can do is write shit poetry and check Twitter.