Update on LIVE “Ghost Shows”

I first want to apologize to all for the sparse LIVE shows this month, but a lot of things have made this month very stressful for me. Moreover, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and its been physically and mentally draining.

First, my voice has been crapping out on me recently and I’ve tried to use this time off for it to heal properly (which has help majorly). The Inner Circle can attest to this, for I’ve been talking with them daily throughout this very hectic month. Second, I’ve been expanding my brick-n-mortar businesses by hiring more employees and massively purchasing product for the anticipated empty holiday shelves due to the vaccine mandate (aka the supply chain issues).

Third, this is around the time we lost Templeton and its kind of making my heart heavy during a time that is demanding of my energy. One of my biggest regrets was not getting Templeton a partner before his untimely passing. Now that we have Pinochet, Mrs. Ghost and I have decided to get a partner for him which arrives this weekend. We’re very excited; we got him a girlfriend (thinking about naming her Margret Thatcher)!

Lastly, my energy has been depleted from all the things going on for me this month. Part of it is my copious consumption of alcohol, which I plan of stopping after Halloween (at least until Thanksgiving). This should help muster more energy for me to do the live shows that I know everyone enjoys.

I will do a True Capitalist Radio Podcast tomorrow covering all the news that has happened this week. As for LIVE shows, I will be back November 2, 2021 for “The Ghost Show” and will continue to do Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm CST for however long they last. Also, I will be broadcasting Thanksgiving Night and on Christmas Eve (another scavenger hunt)?

Now I know many of you all are upset, but I hope you all understand. Thanks to all who do! Believe me, I’ve got a lot of fun things planned for the final 2 months of 2021!




P.S. We at the Inner Circle has decided to allow 5 more members, come and join us and be a part of success! Cheers!

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