Baller Friday Movie: “Greedy”

It’s another Baller Friday, and that means another movie courtesy of the Internetz!  This week’s movie is titled “Greedy.” Starring Michael J. Fox, Phil Hartman, Kurt Douglas and other notables in this funny, yet serious comedy. Uncle Joe (Kurt Douglas) is an aging millionaire and his family are all chopping at the bits for him to kick the bucket so they can inherit his fortune. The “family” gossips and backstabs each other in front of Uncle Joe in order to kick individuals out Joe’s will. Along comes Daniel McTeague (Michael J. Fox), a struggling bowler, imported from another city by his family, to put an end to this ridiculous situation. Then all hell breaks lose!

It’s a comedy with a moral message about “Greed.” Very funny movie that is suitable for PG-13 audiences.

After watching the movie, how would you deal with such a “Greedy” family situation? Moreover, is this the culmination of hard work and success; your “loved” ones wanting you dead? I guess the saying “It’s lonely at the top,” may be accurate.