“Consultant” Attempts To Analyze TCR, Ghost & the Trolls

While I’m on this brief hiatus from True Capitalist Radio, I’ve had time to surf the web like the old days (when I had freaking time). While surfing, I came across a “consultant” named Aaron Clarey (YouTube) who received a concerned e-mail from a TCR listener. The e-mail pleads to Clarey about suggestions on how to get rid of the trolls from the show; specifically “Bronies.” Clarey then attempts to psychologically break me down, the show and the trolls themselves. He ends it by offering advice on how to rid the show of these cyber vermin once and for all.

Now that you’ve heard this guy’s perspective, what’s yours? I can tell you this much, I can’t stand troll terrorists, cyber vermin and (of course) bronies! They make me sick! All I’ve tried to do was produce an informative and entertaining show, and yet I’m cursed with cartoon fetished manchildren, mentally disturbed people and ambitionless ass clowns! WTF!!!!!


9 thoughts on ““Consultant” Attempts To Analyze TCR, Ghost & the Trolls

  1. Too many fail trolls. I wish we could just eliminate RG and with the time saved, take numbered calls instead. If a few trolls slip through the cracks, so be it.

  2. Don’t mention them. Immediately hang up distasteful troll calls. In the first instance of a Cleveland call or some other bs anyone can immediately tell that this caller is a waiste of time. HANG THEM UP. Ignore them on the show. These poeple thrive on the attention and salivate at your reactions.

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  3. I think there’s some truth to what he’s saying. However some trolls are just pure insanity. There’s no analyzing chaos.

  4. I for one enjoy the trolls as much as the rundown on the markets/current events.
    It would be just fine if you dump the Saturday night troll show completely and keep RG to a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes.

  5. I feel your pain ghost, these trolls give people like me a bad name. all I want to do is enjoy my hobbies in peace, and every time I see that ONE guy (or girl) that just takes it way too far and ruins the fun for everyone. I will continue to enjoy my share of games and “anime” as much as the next person but If I ever see one of those “bronies” walk up to me, I will punch them in their throat without hesitation. these sick, twisted, and downright cancerous people either need to get SERIOUS psychological help, or they need to be thrown down a bottomless pit where they will never get out.

  6. I agree with him. You’ve been doing this for so long it’s kind of hard to believe that you aren’t capitalizing on the trolls. Although I understand why you would never admit it if you were; it would ruin the schtick.

    But if you are actually seriously getting this upset at the trolls, I can understand why you are taking a break, it can’t be good for your mental health.

  7. Word of advice never ever bash an insane fandom or say you hate a popular animated series because the moment you do hese trolls will declare open season on you. For example steven universe troll attempts mostly fail to get him to rage because he never openly said he hates the show or his fanbase, but as soon as he starts hating on steven universe or other fruitbowl shows it will open the floodgates to internet buttstalking the likes we haven’t seen since the bronies. Be neutral about fruitbowl shows and the worst youll get is an occasional remix or fail splice.

  8. True Capitalist Radio has become bigger than Ghost himself, it has almost taken on a life of its own. Akin, to bureaucracy theirs so much vested interest in the trolls attacking the podcast that there is just no stopping it.