Baller Friday Movie: “Highway”

It’s another Baller Friday and that means another movie to suggest. This week, in light of Chris Cornell’s death, I choose the movie “Highway.” Staring a young Jake Gyllenhal and Jared Leto, the scene takes place in 1994 Las Vegas with 2 childhood friends, Jack (Jared Leto) and Pilot (Jake Gyllenhal). Jack finds himself in a precarious situation when he sleeps with a local mob boss’s wife, Burt Miranda.

Jack goes to Pilot for help and they leave Las Vegas in route to Seattle in hopes of avoiding the wrath of Miranda’s hitmen “Miranda’s Pandas.” While fleeing Miranda, Jack and Pilot experience a plethora of different adventures, vices and (of course) danger along the way.

An interesting side-note, the aesthetics of this movie is true to the time period. The writer of this movie even incorporated the impact of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, and the affects it had on pop culture at the time. Viewer discretion is advised for this movie. There is violence, sex, drugs and other things that would not be accepted in some households.

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