Ghost’s Inner Circle Crypto Millionaires?

The Inner Circle and myself have decided that 42-coin is on our radar and we want to own it all! We began acquiring it in huge blocks on the evening of June 13, 2017. As a result, the 42-coin market jumped up to $7 million a coin; making us official crypto-millionaires (for about an about an hour).  Since then it … Continue reading Ghost’s Inner Circle Crypto Millionaires?


Is EmerCoin the Future of Blockchain Technology?

While the Cryptocurrency world is occupied by the big names of Crytpo; Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, etc. I've been researching future long-term crypto plays in the lower priced Altcoins. One that has stood out as a diamond in the rough is Emercoin (EMC). The development team of this coin have gone way beyond cryptocurrency with their blockchain … Continue reading Is EmerCoin the Future of Blockchain Technology?