John McCain is No War Hero: He’s a Traitor!

For decades, John McCain has been touted as a war hero and a Patriot; an image he has carefully crafted. But behind the façade lies the true nature of John McCain, which is a far cry from what we’ve all been told about the man. He is an arrogant, incompetent, spoiled military brat that could care less about anyone but himself. It’s this hubris that got him captured in Vietnam as a prisoner of war.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, lets talk about the time his hubris caused an explosion on the USS Forrestal. Then A4 pilot McCain decided that he was going to “wet start” his A4E to shake up the guy in back of his A4. What resulted was a massive explosion and fire that killed 144 sailors and put the USS Forrestal out of commission. Video below:

Now how could then pilot John McCain get away with this without any blemish on his record? Because he practically comes from Navy royalty; his father and grandfather were both Admirals. This is why McCain has had this “untouchable” attitude throughout his military career. That was until his hubris got him captured by the Viet Cong on October 26, 1967.

It during his time as prisoner of war is when he showed his true traitorous colors. It wasn’t until August of 2016 when researchers in the National Archives noticed a mislabeled recording while researching declassified files from the CIA. When the researchers listened, they were shocked to discover that it was an unknown “Tokyo Rose” broadcast by John McCain. The recording was aired over the Viet Cong airwaves as propaganda. Video below:

This recording alone should be the end of John McCain’s career and legacy. But for whatever reason, no one in the media has bothered to cover this unearthed evidence of treason. This underscores the hypocrisy and true soullessness of this filthy traitor!

Yet, now Senator John McCain is now one of the most vocal Republican voices against our current President; President Trump. But how can anyone with evidence of this kind of treason be given any kind credibility to even suggest “investigations” or even “impeachment” on our President? It’s truly insane!

To top it all off, Senator McCain got prank called by Russian hackers that made McCain believe he was talking to the Prime Minister of Ukraine. In this recording he committing a wide range of crimes, including violating the Logan act (not to mention giving sensitive information to the Russians). Below is the full recording of the prank:

How long is John McCain going to keep getting away with this perpetual incompetence? Is this man never going to be held accountable? It’s time the American People start standing up and calling for the removal and arrest of John McCain. He has gotten away with far too many crimes hiding behind the fake POW smoke screen. Any one of us who did a fraction of what John McCain has done, would have been sitting in jail years ago. What has John McCain truly done to deserve a pass? NOTHING!


9 thoughts on “John McCain is No War Hero: He’s a Traitor!

  1. john mccain is a lying baboon traitor and has biggest mouth next to bitch maxine waters and stupid nancy pelosi and other big mouth liz warren, he is a fake republican and should be put in with democraps

    1. MCCAIN’S LIFE WAS PRIVILEGED….because he had a Hero Father & Grandfather with REAL ACCOMPLISHED Military Careers. So wrong & tragic for America he got away with TREASON….which left him able to spend his life continuing to hurt America & Americans.

      He lived off the American Taxpayer all while taking bribes & enriching his own Pocketbook. After knowing he had a Terminal Illness….HE TOOK PLEASURE IN STOPPING TRUMP~EVEN THOUGH HE KNEW HE WAS HURTING “AMERICANS!!”

      McCain deserves to spend Eternity in a VERY HOT PLACE!!??$@&/:??!!🤬

  2. John Mccain was a traitor and the US Government should inform the people of the information that he gave the Viet Namese that led to thousands of Americans soldiers deaths. Fuck Mccain.

  3. John McCain is a TRAITOR! We are better off as a country now that he is DEAD! I can only hope that his daughter learns something from this unscrupulous TRAITOR! We love our PRESIDENT TRUMP! GOD BLESS AMERICA! MAGA!

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