Twitter Gestapo Puts Ghost in Timeout For a Week. Cucks!

Well, as I’ve stated for some time, welcome to the future of the regulated Internet. I’ve been put in timeout by the Twitter Gestapo for a week because they’re anti-Free speech pieces of excrement off of used gay condom! With that being said, I encourage everyone to please add to your favorites or bookmarks Ghost.Report, for it is my OFFICIAL SOCIAL MEDIA!

Since these social media sites are becoming less and less appreciative to those that keep people logging on to their outdated communities, I will do the majority of my social media communication on this site. These social media gestapo ass clowns are trying to stop me from communicating with you! Why? Because I provoke thought, teach people things the education system doesn’t and captivate a large audience in a day and age of short attention spans.

I will not be silenced! I will keep doing what I’m doing no matter who tries to stop me! I am Capitalist till death, and will keep promoting it till my last breath! Fuck you Twitter and the hipster conformists you employ to keep terrorist accounts running (ISIS, Antifa, etc), while banning or “punishing” those who are NOT terrorists! How can Twitter morally and legally get away with this?



4 thoughts on “Twitter Gestapo Puts Ghost in Timeout For a Week. Cucks!

  1. You tend to stay pretty much in the rules of Twitter though. Then again, they can do what they will on their service. Probably deemed you a threat and had a bunch of terms of services professionals waiting for you to make the smallest mistake, if any.

  2. They won’t last for long if they keep this up. The only thing they have going for them is that they don’t censor as much as facebook. That’s slowly being stripped away.

    None of these mainstream websites seem to have any respect for free speech.

  3. it is only a matter of time until Twitter goes the way of the dodo bird. with this kind of business practice going on for the last 4-8 years it has become a festering ground for regressive liberals and radical SJW’s to do nothing but virtue signal to one another.

  4. I feel you man. I randomly myself got permanently suspended out of no where and Twitter support literally ignored me and never gave a response for why I got suspended. It’s funny how those libtards and other SJW shit babies can cry to Twitter support and get you suspended, practice targeted harassment and get away with it. Twitter to me is basically almost 99% with Facebook up there with censorship. I actually remember getting a Facebook page deleted because I shared a public photo of this egotistical Asian chick and called her a skank and she reported it as hate speech and racism.