What is 42-Coin? And is it a Good Cryptocurrency Investment?

In my quest to find great cryptocurrency investments, I’ve come across a very rare Altcoin; probably the rarest. 42-coin is a cryptocurrency that has only 42 coins (that’s right) in total mined circulation. At first glance, it sounds ridiculous. But if one steps back from the bizarre originality of the coin, one can see the potential.

Right now at $7160.38 per coin, it sounds unrealistic to invest for most. But fortunately, 42-coin is sold much like Bitcoin; in small decimal-based increments. So obtaining this altcoin is not as unrealistic as it appears. Moreover, the long-term growth potential and the crypto safe haven it represents is currently being over looked by investors.

First of all, when crypto had a contraction 2 weeks or so ago, everyone was running scared not knowing where to put their crypto so it wouldn’t drop in value. While the majority of cryptocurrencies were free falling, 42-coin was gaining in value. Take a look at the chart below.


Since the contraction, some investors have taken notice recently that 42-coin may be a safe haven during time of cryptocurrency turbulence. It may also be a place to profit during contractions, for the rarity of the coin and the demand of desperate investors could make the price climb fast. Hence the recent waves in the chart above.

Aside from a cryptocurrency contraction hedge, 42-coin has also been very good for short term or pattern trading. The swings on this coin are massive, and I’ve personally been pattern trading this myself with great success. It’s best to buy and sell via limit- order to capitalize on short term gains.

All in all, I am bullish in the short term and DEFINTELY in the long term on 42-coin. The growth potential for this coin could surpass the imaginations of many investors. The very small coin circulation and demand could make this coin reach heights that are very much unanticipated to those not paying attention to this profitable play.


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