True Capitalist Radio is NO LONGER Entertainment for Autists!

I never thought in a million years that True Capitalist Radio would become a magnet for Autistic, Aspie, Cartoon-fetished man-children. The reason I conduct this broadcast is to create more Capitalists, provide news and commentary in a unique and entertaining fashion. It wasn’t until I brought the “shoutout” and “Radio Graffiti” segments into the broadcast is when the onslaught of Internet tards started listening to TCR in mass. I, unfortunately, condoned this audience for many years until I finally realized that these people are a waste of time, breath, effort and life.

I’ve been doing the broadcast for 10 years and have witnessed enough Autistic, Aspie, cartoon watching losers to realize that these People are nothing but burdens and dangers to our society. I personally blame the Parents, the public education system and the psychology industry for creating this problem. Not to mention, I blame society for condoning and coddling this bullshit.

In most cases, Autistic kids are just brats that either have pussy-whipped Fathers who refuse to properly discipline them, or no fathers at all. Below is a perfect example of a Autistic brat having a “meltdown” because he refuses to go to his room. The Autist begins to get physical with the Mother, until a Man (Father?) comes into the room and sternly tells the little jerk to stop his tantrum. Look at how miraculously this Autist goes from almost donkey punching and biting his Mom, to acting nice and holding her hand.

Regardless if you believe Autism and Aspies deserve “special treatment” from society, I still have the RIGHT to criticize them as a mass group because of their actions. These Autists still know how to use a computer, know how to play video games, know how to get on the Internet, know how to troll and harass others; so spare me this sympathetic rhetoric pertaining to these losers.

I have taken the brunt end of Autism & Aspies first hand, just by merely broadcasting on the Internet. I have had these Autistic tards troll, harass, stalk, threaten, send sick images and wrote companies to have me banned me from their services, etc. So I have the ethical and moral position to not only HATE these little pieces of disposable road-trash, I also believe that society should track and database these sick idiots just like we do sex offenders (most Autists I’ve encountered are actual sexual predators).

So if you are Autistic, Aspie and/or a cartoon-fetished man-child, then piss-off! You’re not wanted as a listener, you’re not wanted in the TCR community and you’re no wanted PERIOD! I would NEVER affiliate or be friends with you Autists or Aspies, nor would I spit on you all if you were on fire. So let it be known from now on, Ghost and the True Capitalist Radio show are done with being ANY KIND of entertainment for Autistic, Aspie, Cartoon-fetished wastes of life!

Please make sure to pass that on to your other Autistic, Aspie or cartoon-fetished derelict peers. True Capitalist Radio will NOT condone ANYMORE segments that attracts these kinds of defective people. And if this blogpost triggers you, then go donkey your Mom!



3 thoughts on “True Capitalist Radio is NO LONGER Entertainment for Autists!

  1. It’s a shame that you’re ending Radio Graffiti. Despite the hell it might have been, was it not worth the internet exposure through the memes created out of it?

    If not for those I would have never found your show and become a serious listener, and started investing. My story there is not a unique one.

    Some screening isn’t bad, but if you cut out the chaotic element, you cut yourself out of the world of memes- which is in essence, the world of viral relevancy. It’s like biting the hand the feeds you.

  2. I love the show ghost. Never give up what you do. I do miss Radio Graffiti. However do enjoy making money using your judgement calls on this Crypto hehe.

  3. Well said, Ghost. These stupid ass special needs freaks need to simply get off of the internet, and find a brand-new hobby like reading a book, riding a bike, picking up chicks, hitting the gym, or even studying the college subjects for their degrees, and getting the jobs based on the majors that they worked hard for it, and to learn how to be a capitalist, by just simply investing in stocks and commodities, and sometimes cryptocurrency in some people. I know you don’t like these trolls have been taking a diarrhea shit on your show for almost 15 years, but it really needs to be said.

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