Immigrant Child-Separation Was Obama’s Policy: Handed Kids To Child Traffickers!

Democrats have recently attempted to emotionally hi-jack the immigration issue by highlighting the law that forces authorities to separate immigrant children from their families. Yet, these same bleeding hearts don’t question the dangerous journey it took to cross the American border illegally. Nor do they emphasis that fact that Mexico has NO AGE OF CONSENT. Moreover, these same Democrats ignore the FACT that this policy was passed by the Dems themselves, activated in 2007 under President George W. Bush via Department of Homeland Security (Public Law 107-296 -Nov. 25.2002 ‘116 STAT. 2205’ page 70), and then accelerated under Obama’s administration. But the political emotional vampires with their weaponized goons in the media have somehow pointed the blame for this policy on President Trump?

Aside from the origin of the policy, the Obama administration used this child-separation law to hand over the children in question to child traffickers. Where was the so-called Liberal emotional outcry back then? Where was the Liberal virtue signaling when Obama’s Department of Justice, under Eric Holder, distributed high-caliber guns to Mexican drug cartels with the intention of “tracking” them (those same guns ended up at the scene of a dead border patrol agent and ended up with ISIS during the terrorist act in Paris)?

Are Democrats above the law? How can they continue to get away with these type of high crimes, and yet still have People who vote for them? Is the recipe as simple as what the Democrats are currently doing with this “child-separation” nonsense; emotional bull shit? The more emotional you shape the political narrative, the more naïve morons forget the criminality of Democrat politics?

Those of us who see through this bogus political attempt at emotional virtue signaling via child exploitation, know that the Democrats don’t care about America. Hence, why the Democrats care more about illegal immigrants and/or criminals than they do about the vary constituency that elected them into power. In 2018, a vote for Democrats means you hate your own country and are consenting to its destruction. Don’t believe me? Remember the of life under the Obama administration; no jobs, food stamps, welfare and sell us out to Globalists. WE WILL NOT GO BACK!