TCR Store Ghost.Market is Back Online!

Since the Silicon Valley oligarchs are trying everything in their power to stop True Capitalist Radio (demonetization, banned, etc), we’ve had to jump through hoops to monetize the show. But after months of being offline, we’re proud to bring back Ghost.Market!

We plan on carrying TCR, Right-Wing and Capitalist merch on Ghost.Market for all to purchase. Aside from helping the show, you’ll be publicly promoting causes that are now deemed the “counter-culture.”

Moreover, if you would like to be apart of the True Capitalist Radio chat room, then follow these instruction.

Go to my Gab account, log-in and click the “SUBSCRIBE” (Premium Creator) button and follow the directions.


Once you’ve “SUBSCRIBED,” then send me a DM (Direct Message) via Gab and let me know what your Discord chat name is. I will then DM you a private invitation to the official True Capitalist Radio chat room.

Thanks to all who’ve supported or plan to support the TCR show. We can not allow the Silicon Valley oligarchs to censor independent media, so support ALL independent content creators you genuinely appreciate and are a true fan of.



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