QAnon Followers Are No Better Than Low IQ Leftists

It’s been a month since the Capitalist Army DOXED QAnon. But since then, QAnon has all of a sudden become “mainstream.” The whole reason we DOXED QAnon was to prevent the mainstream media from making the Right-Wing look like morons. My argument was; if we on the Right accept this QAnon troll, then we are NO BETTER than the lunatic Left.

It didn’t take long for the previous to become a reality. Ever since ignorant and gullible morons showed up in mass to a recent Florida Trump Rally with “QAnon” shirts, signs and other apparel, the mainstream media has had a field-day making the Right-Wing look like complete conspiracy buffoons. MSM is making the Right look like the same simpletons who blindly follow the “dunce from the Bronx” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Which is what we were trying to prevent by outing this Q-Anon ass clown.

But now that so many on the Right believe this troll, its time for those of us on the side of rational truth to shun these naïve, low “IQ” piles of protoplasm. Q-Anon followers have turned the tables, and have us looking like the “crazy side.” If one tries to explain to a Q-follower that this whole thing is a troll, with proof, evidence and facts, they are in complete denial. This is exactly what Leftist do!

Let’s say, the for the sake of argument, that Q-Anon is “real,” and that he’s military intelligence who “tapped” Trump to be POTUS and is giving Trump orders. Then this technically undermines Trump himself, making him look as if he is a puppet of “Q-Anon;” giving credence to the Leftist narrative that Trump “doesn’t know what he’s doing.”  It also completely ignores the genuine sacrifices of Trump (life, family, wealth, etc.) to actually run for President. It also undermines genuine soldiers of TRUTH like Julian Assange, who ALWAYS released unaltered facts and information; unlike the linguistically ambiguous rhetoric of QAnon. Even Wikileaks calls QAnon a “Piped Piper” operation.

Its time for those of us who ACTUALLY aided (and put their Freedom at risk for obtaining and/or disseminated information) in the election of Donald Trump in 2016 to call out these simple-minded morons falling for this QAnon garbage. Q-Anon followers are more dangerous to the Right-Wing (politically) than ANY Leftist, for Q-followers are molding the rest of us into a category of crazy that is a HUGE turn-off to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack (you know, the regular voters).

And from my and the Capitalist Army’s investigations, we genuinely believe that Leftists are behind this QAnon troll. But you can talk and prove this till you’re blue in the face with these Q-followers, and they will still believe this troll no matter what. At this point, Q-followers are no different that the LGBTQ when attempting to legitimize the sexualization of children. Now that I think about it, why is Q-Anon (supposedly against pedophiles, pizzagate, etc.) posting on the notoriously pedophile friendly 8-chan? Really makes you think, huh?


4 thoughts on “QAnon Followers Are No Better Than Low IQ Leftists

  1. You are right Ghost! All this twisted narrative that Trump is controlled by someone or something is lije a red line in all that pee-tape, russians and q-anon garbage.
    I think it’s done so the people will speculate on who controls mr. President and not on the fact that he is independent person in the white house to begin with.

    Like in that old movie The Manchurian candidate: “they discuss how many communist are there in the Congress, not are there any at all “.

    Thank for the great show.

  2. “why is Q-Anon (supposedly against pedophiles, pizzagate, etc.) posting on the notoriously pedophile friendly 8-chan? Really makes you think, huh?”.

    Ghost, do you realize that the person who posted that pedophile shit on 8chan was a man by the name of Dan Olson. (who is a SJW nonetheless.) proof:

    And he also didn’t tell anyone that JewWario was a person who raped several people and later killed himself proof:

  3. How was QAnon not a completely predictable development?

    Long time “Birther” Donald Trump took the first steps toward his presidency while appearing on the Alex Jones show in December of 2015. Their relationship throughout the election season remained close. Mere days later Jones’ site infowars threw it’s full weight in for the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory.

    Alex Jones could have backed any Republican candidate. Trump could have appeared on any right wing TV or radio show. But they decided to go in together for the 2016 election season. This crystallized and made overt what was implied for so long: The Republican party and the conservative movement is the conspiracy theorist’s movement.

    This has been set up for decades. Before QAnon there was Pizzagate, Democrat mass voting fraud (The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity folded quietly 6 months ago) Benghazigate (Over one and a half years of hearings that ended with the conclusion that Hillary Clinton and the state department could have bulked up security a bit more in that corner of Lybia) the Birther movement (a Trump side project for several years), Death Panels, Jade Helm 13 ect. ect.

    But even before the last decade conservatives made up the lion’s share of “9/11 was an inside job” theorists, Clinton Deathlist advocates, Waco theorists, the entire 1980’s Satanic Panic conspiracy movement (in many ways a spiritual predecessor to QAnon, with the kidnappings child sacrifices and backwards rock music) and going way, way back to the John Birch society and it’s various Communist Fluoride conspiracy theories.

    Leftists have their fleeting conspiracy theories but conservatives have a robust and persistent conspiracy culture which, on agar plate of the internet and social media, has grown with unpredictable speed.

    Donald Trump saw this and said “I hear you, I ally with you, I legitimize you. You ARE the heart of the right wing” when he appeared on the Alex Jones show. After 70 years of accelerating conspiracy subculture in conservatism why would the leftists even need to raise a finger to make QAnon a significant political platform of the modern conservative movement?

    Given past trends QAnon was a predictable outcome, and such conspiracy theories may soon be the new norm of conservative political issues.