How Robert Mueller and James Comey Made Millions from the D.C. Swamp

Enough political fantasy, and time for some unadulterated TRUTH! As each day goes by, the blatant corruption and criminality of the current Robert Mueller “special counsel” and the former (now disgraced) FBI director James Comey becomes more and more apparent. But how did these two career bureaucrats become the swamp monsters they are today?

Below is a great piece by Steve Hilton, hosted of “The Next Revolution,” which FACTUALLY investigates Mueller and Comey. It goes into depth on how Mueller and Comey have been very close friends since serving under Eric Holder in the Department of Justice during the Bill Clinton administration. Hilton outlines how both bureaucrats made MILLIONS of dollars off of aiding the development of the current surveillance state in America. Watch for yourself, and be prepared to be disgusted.

This is how America’s “public servants” gain power and influence; then use that power and influence for profit with corporations that donate millions to the D.C. swamp. Yet, the American People give these same bureaucrats unbridled authority of government institutions that control our everyday lives. Since we live in a country made “For the People, by the People,” we have to take that responsibility serious; for the swamp is self-aware and completely soulless.

On a side note, to show how far back that many of the Washington D.C. swamp monsters go with each other, below is a photo of a young John Kerry and Robert Mueller in a high school photo. Coincidence?


Without an intelligent and well informed electorate, corrupt assholes like Robert Mueller and James Comey become the common characteristics of those who rule us all. So KNOW THE TRUTH, not what some TV talking-head says is the TRUTH!