Ocasio-Cortez is the Poster-Child For Millennial Ego and Ignorance

The “future” of the Democrat party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been making the media rounds and touring the country touting her “Socialist” views while stumping for Democrat nobodies. What have we learned since Ocasio-Cortez beat 9-time Democrat incumbent, Joe Crowley, in the New York 14th district primary? We’ve learned that the “Millennial” stereotype of being ignorant and egotistical seems to be resonating every time Ocasio-Cortez attempts to speak. Moreover, Millennials’ perspective of “Socialism” is that of perpetual meaningless leisure (tv, video games, drugs, sex deviance, ETC) which is subsidized by productive taxpayers. Where did America go wrong?

First lets discuss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and why she’s pushing Socialism. If one has ever heard this woman speak, it is the equivalent of an enema-bag cleaner giving a lecture on the Biology of the colon; its that cringe-worthy. Below is Ocasio-Cortez displaying what obtaining a college degree at a “prestigious institution” gets you (graduated from Boston University in 2011). As you watch this, keep in mind that this dunce has a bachelors degree in economics and international relations.

Ocasio-Cortez underscores a major problem we have in most of the “up and coming” generations (GenX, GenY, GenZ, Millennials, ETC); they have egos the size of cathedrals, but are as dumb as a sack of wet mice. And who’s to blame for manufacturing these generations of imbeciles?

Personally, I believe we should blame the public education system, which brain washes children into believing that a college degree is the key to a successful life. This LIE is so ingrained in student’s minds, that they are willing to do ANYTHING to obtain a college diploma. And because public education forces the “college” lie on students, colleges and universities have made billions of dollars off of them. For an example, in the graduating class of 2015, almost 70% of bachelors degree recipients were in college debt.

Obama aided to this student loan scam when he nationalized student loans, taking away the ability to file student debt in a bankruptcy (which is what the MAJORITY of older professors did), and forcing debtors to pay for their student debt for life. This grew America’s National student debt grow OVER $1 trillion; Americans now owe over $1.48 trillion in student loan debt, spread out among about 44 million borrowers (National student debt only $450 billion prior to Obama in 2008). Combine that with government, grants, scholarships, college funds, ETC; this is SERIOUS money!

Based on the unbelievable figures mentioned previous, the entire education system has turned into an assembly line of wasting students’ time, energy and intellectual potential for PROFIT. Because the public education system manufactures the idea of college from K-12, the collegiate education system has a LIMITLESS group of consumers; and can’t graduate these students fast enough.

And if students knew the “education scam” outlined in this article, they would tar and feather the entire education system. In essence, education has become a “tax” before one even finds employment. This incentivizes those employed within the “education scam” to intentionally keep students ignorant while championing meaningless subjects and activities (Liberal Arts, safe spaces, protests, ETC). Only to graduate students that learned political, social and economic perspectives that KEEP THIS SCAM going. Hence, why no one promoting such policies can’t articulate beyond the romantic rhetoric.

This brings us back to Ocasio-Cortez. She is a poster-child of a major problem in America. We now have MILLIONS of college graduates that don’t know shit but think they can manage ANYTHING. Ocasio-Cortez learned all the Socialist talking-points in college which made her ego believe that she could run for Congress, but learned NOTHING about the details of how to manifest her regurgitated policies into reality.

Another side-effect of the education scam is the lowering of mediocre standards. This is one of the reasons why Ocasio-Cortez has supporters, for her supporters are just as egotistical and DUMB as she. Hence, why Ocasio-Cortez gets free-passes on her public displays of ignorance as seen in the video above. Our standards of mediocrity seems to be sliding down faster as each year that goes by. But until we reform the way America obtains an education, I’m afraid ignorant morons like Ocasio-Cortez will slowly take over institutions of power, and destroy the last bastion of Freedom, Liberty and Capitalism; America…





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