Christine Blasey Ford Wrote Paper on Self-Hypnosis to ‘Create Artificial Situations’

An academic paper authored in part by Christine Blasey Ford (via her maiden name) which discusses “creating artificial situations” via memories and hypnosis has been found. Margot Cleveland of The Federalist posted the document which discloses Ford’s theory on “memory retrieval” on her Twitter account.

Ford’s (Christine Blasey) paper was titled “Meditation With Yoga, Group Therapy With Hypnosis, and Psychoeducation for Long-Term Depressed Mood: A Randomized Pilot Trial.”

“One of Christine Ford Blasey’s research articles in 2008 included a study in which participants were TAUGHT SELF-HYPNOSIS & noted hypnosis is used to retrieve important memories “AND CREATE ARTIFICAL [sic] SITUATIONS,”

Ford’s maiden name was used for authorship on the paper, which is the name she’s used on many of her past works.

Here’s the cover.


Moreover, here’s the crux of the study that teaches a version of “self-hypnosis.” Interesting, isn’t it?


Later on in the paper it concludes that artificial situations could be created through the assistance via “the retrieval of important memories, and create artificial situations that would permit the client to express ego-dystonic emotions in a safe manner.”


What makes these findings interesting is that Christine Blasey Ford could, using her own psychological techniques, manipulate lie detector tests and psychologists. Below is a report highlighting her “passing” a lie detector test.

What makes this whole politicization of rape by the Democrats even more suspicious is that Christine Blasey Ford began deleting her social media accounts the weekend prior to the “Anonymous Letter” getting leaked to the media as reported by Mike Cernovich on September 16. 2018.

Cernovich has alleged that aside from Christine Blasey Ford’s social media being erased, Ford also had assistance from with inside Google to erase links into Blasey Ford’s past. Which is also interesting because Ford testified with a smile on her face that she hosts “Google Intern” parties at her home. Hence the video below.

So does Christine Blasey Ford still sound like a victim to you? Or does this, based on the amounts of evidence here and elsewhere, prove that this is 100% dirty politricks (she’s raised over $700K on GoFundMe)? Not to mention that Christine Blasey Ford has family ties to the CIA. Is all this just a coincidence?


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