Why Does Hillary Clinton Get A Pass For Her Racism?

In the day and age of the term “racism” thrown at President Trump on a habitual basis, why does Hillary Clinton get a pass on her DOCUMENTED racism? This not only shows a blatant double standard with Democrats, but also the hypocrisy of Blacks on the Left. Racism is the prime arena of retort when Democrats combat the Republicans on the debating table. But the videos below show with undisputable evidence that leading Democrats, such as Hillary, get a “get out of racism” pass.

For instance, why haven’t Black folks brought up the “1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act” as a form of racism? It has been held by many political and social observers as the beginning of “an era of mass incarceration;” especially among Black youth. The chart below represents prison incarceration statistics; notice the extreme spike upward after 1994.


Now what did Hillary Clinton think about her husband’s 1994 Crime Bill that caused the “era of mass incarceration?” Well not only did she champion the bill while campaigning for Bill’s 1996 reelection, she defined the brand of criminal the bill was intended to imprison; “super predators.”

Who do you think Hillary was describing in this video? Statistics prove that after the passing of the Crime Bill, Black incarceration sky rocketed. So, just by mere observation of the facts, Hillary was describing Black people as “super predators.” The chart below underscores this observation.


Aside from Hillary Clinton’s domestic policy of racism, she has been openly racist in plane sight for some time; without ANYONE in the media or on the Left taking her to task for it. There was the time Hillary was campaigning in 2008 for president when she got in front of a Black church congregation in Alabama and started mimicking a stereotypical Black preacher. Not only is the completely disingenuous and cringey to watch, but it shows the Liberal Black spectators ignoring and cheering her self-serving cultural appropriation.

Then there was the time in 2016 when Hillary and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made a “colored people time joke” during an endorsement announcement at the Broadway play “Hamilton.” Once again, the Black man on stage with the Liberal audience laugh at the racist joke.

Let’s not forget the other time, in the same year, Hillary was being interviewed by the Black morning radio talk show “The Breakfast Club,” when she claimed that she always carried around her own “hot sauce.” Notice how the sell-out Blacks interviewing her know what she said is utterly racist, but keep quiet like good little Black Liberals and allow Hillary to make a mockery of the Black community.

The most recent display of racism, Hillary was interviewed in front of a crowd of Liberals when the host mistook a statement from former Attorney General Eric Holder with Senator Cory Booker. Hillary’s response was, “they all look alike.” Watch, once again, as a crowd full of White Liberals laugh at the racist joke.

How does Hillary Clinton get away with this openly displayed racism and what does it say about Liberals and the Blacks who ignore it? How can ANY Democrat be throwing around the term “racist” when their presidential candidate for the 2008 and 2016 elections has a history of racism?

The most biggest hypocrites are the Black Democrats. How can these sell-outs sleep at night knowing they are supporting someone who thinks their whole race is the butt of a joke? Its time for Black folks to stop listening to the real racists on the Left, and start understanding the realism on the Right. Stop fooling yourselves and looking like naïve hypocrites!


One thought on “Why Does Hillary Clinton Get A Pass For Her Racism?

  1. Spot on. The hypocracy of the liberal left is blatant! Much of the black community still live on the DNC plantation. As you are well aware anyone even THINKING of leaving it or not following the Dem mob mantra is immediately ostracized and called a con or Uncle Tom. However, there is a glimmer of hope as we have seen black conservative conferences. Hopefully this is a sign that the black community is starting no longer drink the Kool-Aid distributed by the Democrats.