Jamal Khashoogi and the Secret War Within the CIA

The murder of Jamal Khashoggi made headlines throughout the mainstream media and galvanized the virtue signaling culture of America. “Protestors” and “activists” have been demanding “Justice for Khashoggi” ever since he was killed. But who are these absent minded protesters and activist truly demanding justice for, and why is the mainstream media plastering the murder or Khashoggi as if it was the assassination of Mother Teresa? Little do these ignorant virtue signalers know that Jamal Khashoggi, his murder and the overwhelming coverage of his murder is really a secret war within the CIA/Black-ops apparatus.

To first understand why Jamal Khashoggi is connected with the war within the CIA, one has to realize that America’s CIA/black-ops created the modern concept of “Islamic terrorism” while working with Saudi Arabia during the Afghan/Russia war. This relationship with the CIA and Saudi intelligence goes back two kingdoms (King Fahd and King Abdullah), which nurtured and fostered Wahhabism within the Muslim world. Ever since this sinister alliance, the massive uptick in Islamic Jihad or terrorism ensued; with both the CIA and Saudi Intelligence puppeteering the Wahhabist movement.

Below is an excellent video highlighting the documented evidence of this evil alliance (CIA and Saudi) and how the Wahhabist movement was used to commit terrorism in the U.S. and abroad. Yes, the CIA knowingly allowed this Islamic terrorist movement to promote, recruit and commit acts of terror on American soil.

Khashoogi and The Afghan/Russia war

Now that you understand that the CIA aided in the development of this “Wahhabist” jihad movement, you must understand where and why it was started. The U.S. wanted to goad the U.S.S.R. (Russia) to invade Afghanistan to bog them down in a quagmire in 1979. Once Russia invaded Afghanistan, the CIA with Saudi Arabia began supplying financial, weapon and logistical support to an armed group of Islamic guerilla fighters known as the Mujahedeen.

It was the recruitment of Mujahedeen fighters that made Jamal Khashoggi an important player in the Afghan/Russia war. Khashoggi, being a “journalist,” had influence with the Arab Islamic youth within the Middle-East (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, etc). It was in his sensational articles of “Jihad” that inspired thousands of Arab youth to leave their homes in the Middle-East and find their way to Afghanistan to “practice” Jihad against the Russians.

Below is an article authored by Jamal Khashoggi from the 1980’s highlighting the “brotherhood” of the Mujahedeen in the midst of Jihad against the Russians. In the upper left-hand side, notice the man with the “stinger missile” on his shoulder; that’s Jamal Khashoggi. Moreover, the picture on the right-hand side is the media birth of the legend of “Abu Abdullah” aka Osama bin Laden.


Aside from the snapshot of Osama above, Jamal Khashoggi was a longtime friend of Osama bin Laden. Khashoggi interviewed him many times; he was so close to bin Laden, that he once tried to supposedly convince Osama to “quit violence.” Khashoggi even mourned Osama bin Laden’s death when he was killed by U.S. special forces in 2011 (tweet below).

Fast Forward to 2016-2018

The Saudi Royal family is under a new kingdom as King Salman had taken the throne upon the death of his half-brother, King Abdullah. It was during this time, that the U.S. had a transition of its own by electing a non-establishment business man, Donald Trump, as President. Donald Trump ran on an anti-establishment platform, denouncing the old foreign policy of previous administrations and Globalism.

So when Trump became President, he put an end to the “old CIA” and its “war on terrorism” which was used against the American people to scare the population into fear and submission to advance Globalist policies. Trump reversed this “old CIA” policy of and its use of Jihadist assets (Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc). Hence, why “ISIS” miraculously stopped its Middle-East and U.S. terrorism and began terrorizing America foes (Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, etc) after Trump was elected President.

One of the first countries Trump visited was Saudi Arabia to meet King Salman in 2017. This is when the relationship and foreign policy completely changed between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. It was the first time that a King of Saudi Arabia denounced Islamic terrorism, and the King put the blame of international terrorism squarely on Iran. Below is the historic speech by King Salman.

Aside from denouncing international Islamic terrorism and putting the blame Iran; the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Egypt made a military pact in which the three countries would eliminate terrorism and confront Iran.

In reality, King Salman was denouncing the “old CIA” and previous Saudi Arabia kingdom’s funding, arming and training of Wahhabist who committed terrorist acts on U.S. interests (I.E. September 11, 2001). This was a history changing moment for both countries and signified a new beginning of intelligence and military relations. Below is a video of President Trump, King Salman and President Sisi (Egypt) symbolizing the new relationship and policy.

A month after this symbolic video above, King Salman appointed his son Mohammad bin Salman as Crown Prince; giving him almost full control over the Saudi kingdom. Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman used his authority to loosen the rigid religious restrictions of Saudi’s “religious police.” He appointed the first woman to the Saudi stock exchange, gave women the Right to drive and other secularist policies which goes against the previous kingdoms of Saud.

One of the next moves by Crown Prince Mohammad was the “great Saudi Arabian purge” of the old Wahhabist circle that did business with the “old CIA.” Names like Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal (the prince who Rudolph Giuliani refused to take a $10 million check from days after 9-11-2001), Bakr bin Laden (Chairman of the bin Laden group and brother to Osama bin Laden), Prince Bandar bin Sultan (former head of Saudi intelligence and nicknamed ‘Bandar Bush’ because of his close ties with the Bush family) and many others where rounded up and arrested on “corruption” charges. This didn’t really go over very well with the “old CIA” (I.E. John Brennan and others).

This is where Jamal Khashoggi comes in with his “articles” of propaganda, for Khashoggi was a Wahhabist and loyal to the old intelligence apparatuses. Khashoggi’s was (for “some” reason) hired by the Washington Post. His first article for the Washington Post was September 17, 2017 according to his profile on their website.

Why is Jamal Khashoggi working for the Washington Post so important? Because the Washington Post is a CIA propaganda outfit; its owned by Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos. The company Amazon.com was contracted by the ‘old CIA’ to host its “cloud computing” capabilities in 2011. And ANYONE who does “business” with the CIA is a part of the CIA. Hence, why Khashoggi miraculously found a job with the publication a couple of months after Mohammad bin Salman was named Crown Prince. Coincidence?

Khashoggi wrote article after article in Arabic via the Washington Post denouncing and degrading the new Saudi Arabian reforms, and targeting the Crown Prince specifically. What Khashoggi was trying to do is inspire a Jihad uprising against the new “secular” kingdom Saudi Arabia; just as he had inspired the Arab youth in his “articles” to join the Mujahedeen during the Afghan/Russia war. Khashoggi was determined to undermine the Crown Prince and obviously was backed up by “old CIA” loyalists.

Below is an audio clip of Khashoggi released by the Washington Post highlighting how passionate he was about Saudi Arabia being an “Islamic State” and ruled by Sharia. He also criticizes the Crown Prince and brags about how he and fellow Washington Post writer, Jason Rezaian, were trying to hinder the Saudi Kingdom’s reforms.

Understanding how dangerous Jamal Khashoggi was to the new kingdom, the Crown Prince had to do something to silence him. So someone in the Saudi Kingdom made a political decision to take out Khashoggi as a message to the “old CIA” and any Saudi Wahhabist loyalist. Unfortunately, the operation to make Khashoggi disappear was foiled because Khashoggi made sure Turkey and other intelligence agencies to monitor (via street cameras and cell phone watch) his trip to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain documents to marry his fiancé.

So now the “old CIA” is playing an international propaganda mind-game by trying to paint Khashoggi as an innocent journalist who was killed by a ruthless regime. The “old CIA” is attempting to convince the international community and elements in the Arab world that the Crown Prince is unfit to be king, and should be removed from power. Moreover, the “old CIA” is attempting to link their terrorism that they and the old Saudi kingdoms inflicted on the world over the past 30 years squarely on the Crown Prince.

I personally believe that the Crown Prince was in his Right to terminate the existence of  Khashoggi to preserve his kingdom and to sustain his position as the soon-to-be king. Crown Prince bin Salman is a revolutionary figure who is going against the Wahhabist status quo of his family lineage. But instead, because of the “old CIA” operative scattered across the mainstream media, the Crown Prince is painted as a brutal killer who murders journalists for fun. As you’ve read previous, this is certainly not the case.

To those virtue signaling and crying over Jamal Khashoggi’s death, you might as well mourn and cry over the death of Osama bin Laden. Open your eyes and realize that the world of “intelligence” agencies and foreign policy is a very dirty business. And Jamal Khashoggi was playing a game in which he knew the ultimate consequence was death.


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