Message from Ghost: Is it the last?

What a horrid path we’ve been forced in since the 2018 midterm elections. Within two years (from 2016 to 2018) we’ve seen a rapid degradation of the American electorate into absolute nothingness. Here’s a message from Ghost, and it may be the last.

I hope you all enjoy the destruction of Western Civilization that YOU ALL CAUSED! Our last hope was President Trump to save America, but its obvious you all don’t care; so why should I?


21 thoughts on “Message from Ghost: Is it the last?

  1. Well whatever happens Ghost, just know that we (in the Inner Circle) appreciate everything you did for us. Thank you for your service, sir. -VFW

  2. Hey, Ghost.

    Thanks for giving one last message before you go. Perfectly understandable why you’re leaving even to the extent of deleting your entire social presence. The effort you put in the show was no way in vain. I was hooked from the start when I found out about your show in 2012, and your comeback in 2016 was amazing. Your shows gave me a different outlook on everything.

    There is one thing I have to say, and that is I hope you aren’t completely gone forever. Because throughout the years you’ve always hinted at things about yourself and only brushed on certain topics here and there which you were hesitant to discuss, too many of which to list. So, I hope maybe someday you’ll come back or write that book were talking about so these stones aren’t left unturned.

    But regardless of what you do this point forward, THANK YOU for what you’ve done!

  3. I have been tuning in for years.
    Thanks for all the work you have done Ghost.

    I live in the globalist states of Europe.
    USA is not lost yet. You reading this will wake up and learn what happened to us in
    Europe before every American lose their freedom too. You are the one that will change everything!
    Men in Europe are still fighting and we will save our countries.

    To everyone that have a pair of balls:
    Never give up, Motivate everyone around and lead by example.
    Get involved in real political groups outside of the internet and work hard.

    Show no mercy to gelspines that try to leech on and destroy society that you and your fathers have built.
    It is about life or death for your children.

  4. Truth be told. I started listening in 2009. Lost my job. But now in 2018. I cleared 75k. Went and got a trade skill, used my GI bill for a 5k loan. Been married 20 years to a great Gal, 2 kids my son is about to be an engineer in the Airforce.

    Ghost motivated me to be the best i can. I will never forget his words. Im a better person thanks to his words.

    May God bless you, Ghost.

  5. Can’t you see how both sides of the political spectrum are played off against another? Immigrants & Trump serve as boogieman punching bags for both sides to keep you distracted and busy while the corporate elites are looting your country…

    Anyway. Thank you for the entertainment you’ve provided over the years and your valueable insights into US politics and culture. I wish you well, Ghost.

  6. You know dam well how much you were loved and appreciated. You were one of the last bastions of FREE SPEECH. You will be missed. My best to Mrs. Ghost. This is BULLSHIT!

  7. It’s Baller Friday! Oooh yeah! Sit back and relax folks, have yourself a beer!
    I’m sure Ghost is coming back eventually. Life goes on until then. 🙂
    Next year is going to be a good year, because I will make it happen! You shall too!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. We have no choice at this point.

      It’s either sink in this Communist mire Or Swim against a violet torrent of pure apathy and nihilism…

      God almighty… Save America from the useless retarded basket cases (The egotistical #SpecialNeeds community, video-game addicted, pornography addicts that comprise it; And from every communist force found in every facet of our societies.

      Because to be honest, America deserves pure hellfire, of the kind Sodom and Gomorra received justly in the distant past.

      And if serious, concerted steps aren’t taken within these critical years, we (humanity as a whole) will return to the Godless, spiritually seared age of #Noah’s time ALL OVER AGAIN!

  8. Hi Ghost,

    I hope you read this someday. I never did manage to call you over the years because I was always at work during the broadcast, but I’ve been a listener for many years. I did buy Inner Circle membership, but I fear we’ve never spoken. Back in 2011, I was a clueless high-schooler drawn to your show by the hilarity of Radio Graffiti and the trolls. But over the years, as I grew into an adult, your words and message resonated with me. I became a Capitalist.

    I voted Democratic the first time I was eligible to vote, and yet this past year I voted straight red. I can’t believe what the Democrats are trying to do to our country now, and how people are blind to it.

    Anyways, the internet needs you Ghost. I totally understand why you need to take a break for now, but I hope you come back before too long. I strongly suggest reintroducing Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts to the show! I completely understand not wanting to be “entertainment for tards,” but it’s hard to understate the outreach effect you generated, on thousands of youngsters just like me, by the unique culture and community that those interactive segments fostered. I remember on a broadcast once in 2016, you even stated as much – that the community that surrounds the show was something unique and special. Sure, there will be some autists and failtrolls to deal with, but if it helps you spark synapses in the minds of hundreds of more young would-be capitalists like myself, it will all be worth it.

    And as Trump runs in 2020, we’ll need the Prognosticator of Prognosticators leading the way to shoot pearls and ensure his victory. Until then, enjoy your well-deserved rest, Ghost. We loyal followers will wait patiently for your return.

    Give me Capitalism or give me Death!

  9. Thanks for everything Captain…

    Very disturbing to see that all the gains we got in 2016 were wiped clean this year…

    And very disappointing to see how many people exposed their true weak, disloyal colours whether from those in inner circle or the chat rooms that took the easy route out like the cowards they are.

    But even wit these scars; Even though you leave… I will continue to do my part in putting a wrench in the information war that the mainstream Fake-stream media stooges are waging on all of us in the world, and will counter their pump and dumps of hallucinogenic disturbed liberal crap, deception, and pure satanism on the Tel-LIE-Vision and online…
    So rest easy Ghost, for I will continue your noble work of educating the masses of the Global communist nightmare we all live in now, by exposing the Contradictions present in our societies today.

    Thanks for all your effort Sir, I hope you inspired just enough people to continue the capitalist Dream in America and hopefully help inspire capitalist revolutions across THE WORLD….

    I will do everything I can, (in Canada) to put sugar in the political cogs of our communist sell-out Government…

    Fast and Pray to The 1 true God of this world (The Creator/Father Almighty) for our capitalist/Christian side to prevail against all these ridiculous odds that are being piled on us daily.

    Because if we don’t push/fight back, who will?

    Because do remember General; like it was in 1776…
    Only 1/3 of the USA was willing to take up arms and overthrow the tyrannical British Crown’s Rule over the country…

    Same Local support and PR/organizing problems exist/apply today.

    We must continue (even if it seems fruitless) to convince at least a third of Mr. and Mrs. steam-blow or more, to NOT participate in the idiocy of today’s modern Socialist-lite society and join the front lines of this ever expanding war…

    (Which you correctly pointed out ARE beyond my front-doors of my house and on the streets of the major cities/towns)

    I await anxiously for the day you return to the podcast to troll the Globalists once again to kingdom come.

    Wish you luck Ghost in your life and business endeavours.



  10. I’ve just downloaded everything you’ve done. Listening back. Those we’re the days. You’ve my life, Ghost. Made me see the world for what it is. Semper Fi, my friend.

  11. Hey, thanks for the show, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to dance for autists. I think you should try doing something with Infowars, I think you were already heading into that territory with some of the last broadcasts you did.

  12. I play video games and wax my carrot to cartoons and all that. Still voted Republican at the midterms. Where the hell were the rest of you? I’m equally as distraught about this as Ghost is, instead of unseating the stupid fucking Democrats like we should’ve done, we actually went so hard in the wrong direction we gave Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a seat. Look at her! I know she’s hot, but she’s also a complete fucking moron! So yeah, fuck the world I guess, let’s watch it all burn together…