The Ghost Show – Episode 2: A Heart to Heart

Well here’s the 2nd episode of the new “Ghost Show,” and I attempt to have a heart to heart conversation with the listeners. Unfortunately, I put a “media share” option in the streamlabs donations, and all HELL breaks loose. Never did I think the trolls would use this as a means of pissing me off. Even after 11 years, IT NEVER ENDS!

As you can see, this was a rough show to begin 2019. I plan on doing a bit of Radio Graffiti on Friday’s live show; God help us! The time for the next live show will be between 7:30pm-8:30pm CST. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube!


One thought on “The Ghost Show – Episode 2: A Heart to Heart

  1. Ghost man, I don’t mean to fruit up or anything, but I REALLY appreciate you coming back to the show man. There was like a void in the evenings your show broadcasted after you stopped. I really enjoy this show. Been listening to you since 2010, when I was the wee age of 12. Just a young lad.

    Now I’m fucking 20 years old, and I can actually appreciate the political and economic commentary you provide on the show. I used to listen to it way back in the day because I just thought it was funny to hear the trolls mess with you, but now I listen for the insight.

    I can honestly say with 100% sincerity that you are the reason I grew up into a Capitalist who believes in the free markets. I was raised in a very liberal family. My fucking mother voted god-damned Bernie Sanders. She and my father can not understand why I am a supporter of the Trump presidency, and I’ve given up on arguing with them. I know I’m right.

    God bless you and any of your business ventures Ghost,
    True Capitalist for life, to the Soul to the bullet hole my friend.

    If these damn Commies and Socialists win, you can bet your crypto that I’m going to be out there fighting the regime until my last breath. These Antifa fucks think they’re powerful and ready for a fucking revolution, but they’re going up against the right. When the right voters in this country mobilize, they are going to be the WORKERS. The POLICE. The FARMERS. The people who have muscle and strength and know how to use guns.

    Meanwhile you have these Antifa people, who look like malnourished mentally ill effeminate women. You tell me who you think would win in that situation.

    So even if it does go that route, Capitalism WILL prevail in the end. This fucking AMERICA. Our forefathers gave us all the tools and means necessary to stop a hostile take over from the inside, and although they can try their damnedest to take those tools and means away from us, it’s written in blood in the papers of the bill of rights, and it won’t go away.

    God bless the US of A.

    Here’s to another year of making bank.