The Ghost Show episode 6 – Let me do my show please!

Episode 6 of “The Ghost Show” has evolved into a troll hole of cyber vermin! Its obvious that the trolls are trying everything within their meme magic power to prevent me from conducting a broadcast. The unfortunate part of it all is that the hundreds of thousands of “serious listeners” are getting very upset that I’m not able to provide my financial insight and political/social commentary. Beware before you watch the clip below, it is a pure troll terrorist attack.

As you all can see, I’m between a rock and a hard-place. Many of the listeners have tried to suggest what I should do to stop this trolling from dominating “The Ghost Show.” But a keep component of the show has ALWAYS been listener interaction, so I really don’t know what to do.

Any thoughts?


9 thoughts on “The Ghost Show episode 6 – Let me do my show please!

  1. Maybe have 2 Stream labs. One for a 25 dollar rate that is active at all times (for True Capitalists to interact whenever they want), then disable the cheaper one during scheduled segments. I don’t even know if you could do that, but it could control the autism a bit cause trolls don’t have that much money. Honestly they will all probably run out of cash soon.

  2. Is there a way to deactivate the media share feature? You could leave it off for the first hour or two and then leave a final hour or so open for media shares. The interactivity is fun, but I really want to hear your thoughts and insights on markets and politics.

  3. If I was in charge of the broadcast structure, I would delay the the donation stream lab to the second hour or just raise the paywall to 20 bucks minimum.

    A great capitalist solution to these Globalist aligned (in words and actions) trolls & cyber-vermin would you not agree?

    *They* are indeed trying to ban and keep you off the internet radar because you have no qualms in disturbing the Autistic-aspie-pan-sexual faggots safe-spaces on the internet of things.

    Please Do not stop and soldier on Ghost!

    (Also) P.S: Thank you very much for coming back, oh Brother in Christ, even though we in North America truly Don’t deserve the pearls of wisdom and common sense knowledge being shot over the mic by people like you, I whole-heartedly Accept it nonetheless.

    I truly love this radio-internet Podcast’s style & no-holds-bar (A.K.A. Non-PC) approach to domestic & world politics. And I also do not mind the financial heads-up you give on every broadcast as well.

  4. Don’t change prices. Don’t turn off donations. There might be a better way:

    The “text-to-speech/media-share” should not run automatically because it leads to constant interruptions in the broadcast. Instead do it like back in the day with Twitter shoutouts. Let the donations accumulate and give your attention to them once you think the time is right. You could still have donations that interrupt the show. But those should be in a higher price range so the majority of the broadcast can be conducted in an orderly manner.

    A lot of streamers do it this way.

  5. Love the show. I would advise that in case YouTube decide to pull any copyreich bullshit on you again, that you should at least record your show to a local file while you broadcast it. it’s not just Mediashares, you also have to worry about Radio Graffiti too…

    This should at least allow for redundancy. in case some stupid aspie plays something that YouTube’s overzealous automatic robots don’t like in a mediashare or radio graffiti, at least you would be able to host it on your own website just like the 2018 shows. Also helps out in case YouTube do an oy vey shut down on your account, as YouTube’s written and unwritten policies are a politically biased minefield. Alex Jones (ised for example, not promoting him) used to have a YouTube channel until YouTube nuked it. You might just be the next target. Once your channel is gone, all your videos are gone.

    I had to put up with YouTube’s bullshit too, so I highly recommend a back-up plan like this. Hopefully this is of good help to you. I’m a huge fan BTW…