The Ghost Show Episode 71 And 73 Now Available To View

First, I want to apologize for not having a “Saturday Night Troll Show” for the second weekend in a row. I spent all of Saturday uploading both episode 71 and 73 to an alternative platform called BitChute; which is where I’ll be uploading shows that are taken down by YouTube. CLICK HERE for episode 71, enjoy.

Secondly, “Ghost’s Shit List” is coming within the next couple days. So if you’re waiting for the release of it, then ADD THIS WEBSITE to your favorites and bookmarks. The list is longer than I anticipated. I did not realize how many of you trolls I fucking HATE!

Anyway, CLICK HERE for episode 73; enjoy you milky lickers!

I will be back Monday and I promise to have a kick ass “Saturday Night Troll Show” next Saturday. Make sure to spread the show around the Internet and throughout the world! Cheers baby, CHEERS!

14 thoughts on “The Ghost Show Episode 71 And 73 Now Available To View

  1. Great to see you’re putting up the episodes for posterity. There are so many listeners who for whatever reason cannot always catch the live broadcast and to be able to view episodes taken down by the YouTube police is exceptional!

    Cheers Ghost!!

  2. Good on ya for uploading those episodes! Hopefully you are telling the truth this time, we have all been eagerly waiting for the List Of Honor.

  3. Good to see you chose BitChute. I’m trying to get more people to use it instead of YouTube. I’ve been promoting it every chance I get. Censorship free and uses crypto technology. Styx is there, as well as sargon and tim pool. You should also consider branching out to Not sure what you think of tim pool but at least he’s aware the left is unhinged.

  4. now those two shows are not up anymore. you get to listen about 30 minutes in ep 71 and ep 73 about 6 minutes. could you please fix it somehow mr. Ghost?