Ghost Got Censored By YouTube: What Else Is New?

Ghost is a dangerous man that has been silenced once again. YouTube banned me in mid-stream on episode 74 because of supposed “hate speech.” Everyone on the Internet, and throughout the world know that I am melting pot of friendship; but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Not to worry folks! Ghost is going underground and will be streaming from another source this Wednesday. Make sure to “bookmark” or add to your “favorites” this website, for this is where I will be giving a link to the next show.

Cheers baby, CHEERS!

Punished Ghost

28 thoughts on “Ghost Got Censored By YouTube: What Else Is New?

  1. Not going to lie, even though I like when the trolls get to you and everything, what YouTube did was not cool. It was unacceptable and I hate it when these silicon valley tech companies censor others because of “Hate Speech”. It brings my blood pressure up every time this shit happens. These mother fuckas are going to get it one day. Karma is going to catch up to them and they have it coming…

  2. “Hate Speech” is a nebulous term. Big tech has yet to define it. I choose to define it as “speech they hate”. It’s a wildcard rule for whenever they just want to get rid of ya.

    1. No it wasn’t nigger. It was faggot.
      See. The president of Youtube is gay, so she takes offense to that because she’s still in the closet.

      1. You do realize the word that rhymes with Baguette is Faggot, right?

  3. Sorry to hear JewTube cut you off. Hate Speech and Right Wing personalities are pretty much the same thing to social media. I for one loved the True Capitalist Radio broadcasts on, you were totally independent and the show flowed. Anyway, whatever you decide, cheers Ghost, Cheers

  4. I know how Trump can solve the free speech problem, as well as Mainstream Media and Antifa in a matter of minutes. All he has to do is issue an executive order banning all executive branch employees including military personnel from having accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and all Google/YouTube properties. As well as issue guidance on what social media services are acceptable to use while employed by the executive branch. There is nothing that crooked judges can do about it because it’s an executive branch order to executive branch employees.

    Trump can then go to other social media platforms such as minds, bitchute, gab, or parler. The whole world will follow him and the military over to those other platforms, and start getting the uncensored truth about everything. Nothing/Nobody will be banned or shadowbanned anymore. On the Internet, Traffic is Power. Since Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have all been used by foreign agents to meddle with our elections, as well as have done so themselves, they should be deemed not safe for federal employees or military personnel to use.