Click HERE To LISTEN To The Ghost Show LIVE!

Show begins around 8:30pm (ish) CST


TTS – Text to speech LIVE On Air –

$5 – “I’d buy that for a Dollar”

$15 – “YouTube Link Share”

$25 – “Oh Yeah!

$50 – “$50 dolla bill”

$100 – “Like a Boss”

$300 – Inner Circle slot – Exclusive Invite to IC chatroom!
Ghost, once again, attempts to cover the stock and crypto markets. Ghost also attempts to do an actual show without the trolls turning it into a circus sideshow. And other political and social commentary! Maybe Radio Graffiti!

This LIVE SHOW will be uploaded to Bitchute!

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5 thoughts on “Click HERE To LISTEN To The Ghost Show LIVE!

  1. Im not hearing a lot of good things about Ghost. It sounds like it’s a scam and that the owners shadowban people. You need to move to DLive for now on.

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