Are You A Troll on Ghost’s Sh*t List?

Well here it is! My tentative shit list of people that piss me off on my show. I’m sure this list will get bigger because there are too many of you cyber vermin to remember. These are trolls who talk massive garbage about me via Text-To-Speech and the show’s chat room. Anyone who’s on this list are in hot water with me!

  • Cans Abuser
  • Dark Meme Magician Girl
  • GhostsObamaWheelchair
  • Nickers
  • Cheesy Willie
  • Jackler
  • IFartForFood
  • GenoX1987
  • StMike/Goblin Coin
  • MundaneMatt
  • Moonman
  • evilmiera
  • BlackHat Inc
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • TimMucuraev
  • Wena One Actual
  • Bonzi Buddy
  • OliverCarswell
  • Wheelchair Jew
  • SpermyTheCat
  • SpermyTheButtHamster
  • Spermy Ghostini
  • Munky delarocha
  • Poley The Polar Bear
  • PookaDude42
  • Baka Survivor
  • Keemscarce
  • Guurak
  • nicoangel4558
  • Aesthetic
  • PylonsTCRVideos
  • Lavon Media
  • JahootieCapitalist
  • altayany
  • poindexterose15
  • synarchist
  • ennisturtle
  • lordcooler28
  • WheelyMcGhosterson
  • BahnDaten
  • XDang93
  • blueeyeswhitedragon
  • cloudzack
  • PSNParkerplace
  • berryblackberry
  • unlistedninja
  • ChrisAntiGhostler
  • LightingNote
  • night prowler
  • Seriously Samsung
  • wheelsofredemption
  • ReverendShnar
  • System23
  • techencrypted
  • feministsocialist
  • actioncapitalist
  • hand_hanzo
  • Billy_FU
  • TX_History_Teacher
  • stevenstinkyverse
  • Asho
  • Zed_Commander
  • thisissparta789789
  • a_friendly_ medic
  • crazy4swazye
  • danny_gurz
  • theamericandream96
  • braindead lincoln
  • boat
  • HamsterRides
  • SwitchTheChannel
  • Mudkips
  • ShyGuyMask
  • Anal Sausages
  • misakay
  • Odd Eyes Magician
  • Mojo
  • the_number
  • Liz Porter
  • WanderingShows
  • D3ath8yBac0n
  • Clover
  • Internet Butt Stalker
  • Tub Guy

If you feel like you should have been on this list, then keep it up; you’ll eventually end up here. More to come very soon!


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36 thoughts on “Are You A Troll on Ghost’s Sh*t List?

    1. My name ain’t on there you dumb boomer! People will start to think I like your scuffed alex jones, neocon, jew bootlickin, boomer tech’n, no pussy gettin, obama pc havin ass! Now unban my accounts, boy! That’s a direct order!

  1. Nice list when also sorry about the gab ordeal at first it was for some fun but as i talked to you i decided to keep it so no one impersonated u thats why i put my tag over the name hopefully u can forgive me anyways cheers to you ghost and to the future of the show as a fan 🍻

  2. Hey, why’d you ban me on here too? Afraid of the truth? Also, what a lackluster list, you could at least have added comments on why people are on it. Like my anti-capitalist truth-telling. Or Tubguy’s giant schlong intimidating you.

  3. YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH I’m on the shitlist! and for more reasons than one Ghost, I hope you kept track!

    The_Number AKA General Nuts McGallion of the 7th Squirrel empire (we still live in the attic)

  4. You might want to put Giant on this list. He’s been vandalizing the TCR wiki on Miraheze, and has gotten the admins to delete any pages mentioning him as a pedophile. Any chance you will dox him or give out his phone number so we can just troll him off the internet for good?

  5. This is terrible. I come back after some time off to see my name on this list, and I’m not even at the top of it. Boo! Seriously though, it’s funny to see my name on here. Cause I didn’t even think I was all that funny. You humble me, farthuffer.