San Antonio, Texas Must Answer For COVID19!

Now that the Coronavirus (aka COVID19) has become a permanent reality in our present day, its time to analyze how America got here. It all starts with the first “American COVID19 evacuees” from the Wuhan, China province who were transferred to Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland Airforce base on February 7, 2020.

Prior to these “evacuees” arriving, America had no known reported cases and/or deaths from COVID19. That was until the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) released a woman into the San Antonio public on February 13, 2020 that tested positive for the virus.

Below is a press conference by San Antonio officials assuring the population that the risk to the public “was low.” FYI, this was the first report of ANY COVID19 case that was exposed to the American public.

Notice how San Antonio’s mayor, Ron Nirenberg, makes the claim “The public health and emergency preparedness has gone exactly according to plan.” Because after the first reported U.S. COVID19 death on February 29, 2020, the city of San Antonio would file a lawsuit against the Center for Disease Control on March 2, 2020.

In the CDC lawsuit on page 11, a sworn affidavit by an individual named Mario Martinez alleges that 90 evacuees were released into the public on Feburary 20, 2020. Moreover, the lawsuit also alleges that the CDC was planning on dropping off evacuees at a shopping mall. These were serious allegations that the mainstream media generally ignored.

Below is a local San Antonio news report of the lawsuit filed against the CDC. In the report, you hear Bexar county judge Nelson Wolff and San Antonio mayor Ron Nirenberg claiming to care about the safety of their community and declaring a “public health emergency.”

The irony of the city of San Antonio’s attempt at using the courts to save the local public? The lawsuit was dismissed by a Federal Judge Xavier Rodriguez. After the dismissal, it seems as if city, county, medical and media officials in San Antonio have become complicit with the CDC’s actions alleged in their own lawsuit.

For example, much like Mayor Andrew Cuomo of New York, it seemed like San Antonio officials initially carbon copied Cuomo’s “dump COVID19 patients at nursing homes” strategy. (FOOTNOTE: We now know that more than 40% of COVID19 deaths are from nursing homes.)

Three weeks after San Antonio’s CDC lawsuit was dismissed, the first cases of COVID19 were reported at local nursing homes on March 19, 2020. Thereafter, it seemed as if nursing homes all over San Antonio we reporting COVID19 infections. Bexar county put out a statement on April 1st, 2020 admitting to transferring patients to nursing homes (via STRAC Medcom) and promising to “monitor all transports from nursing facilities.” But the nursing home situation got worse; ten days later the city designates COVID19 facilities to transfer coronavirus patients from nursing homes.

Then, on April 3rd, 2020, the San Antonio media begins to push the “community spread” narrative, striking fear within the local community.  Later on in the month of April, the city begins to implement “drive-thru” coronavirus testing sites on April 23, 2020. Around this time, these“coronavirus tests” were reported to be contaminated with the COVID19 virus itself.

And as the COVID19 situation became more serious, the mayor Nirenberg of San Antonio decided to focus more attention about the country of China’s reputation in relation to the Coronavirus than the safety of his community. Nirenberg passed a city resolution making the phrases “China Virus” and “Wu-Flu” hate speech on May 7, 2020.

During the month of May, Nirenberg used the local COVID19 crisis (that he caused) to his advantage politically; even to the extent of threatening to fine people who don’t wear masks on May 12, 2020. Yet, when it came to the George Floyd riots, looting and violence, Nirenberg had no problem with “community spread” and/or masks during this time.

Below is a video of Nirenberg addressing a crowd of “protesters” (June 11, 2020) who were not obeying Nirenberg’s COVID19 laws. Notice how he takes off his mask and has no fear of “community spread” during this political publicity stunt.

Now as of July 22, 2020, San Antonio has coincidentally become a supposed hot spot for COVID19 infections. If this is indeed the case, then Mayor Nirenberg must answer the question; Are you and other city/county officials complicit and/or covering up what you alleged in your dismissed lawsuit against the CDC? If the answer is no, then are you just so incompetent that your ignorant decisions put the entire country in the current situation with COVID19?

Either way, Nirenberg, Nelson Wolff and other city officials are documented knowing about the allegations in the lawsuit against the CDC. And if they knew the Centers for Disease control were purposely putting the public at risk for COVID19 , then why didn’t they pursue further actions after U.S. Judge Xavier Rodriguez dismissed the lawsuit? Why didn’t they give information to the media? Why didn’t they do interviews exposing the malice of the CDC? Most importantly, why did Nirenberg and city/county officials continue to work with the CDC after the lawsuit dismissal?

America should be venting all of their frustration over the coronavirus (aside from China) at Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Bexar Judge Nelson Wolff. They need to tell the public what they know, or they should be put in prison for knowingly aiding the spread of an infectious disease on the mass populous. I encourage EVERYONE, don’t allow these people to think they’ve “gotten away,” demand an answer from these people NOW!


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  1. “Prior to these “evacuees” arriving, America had no known reported cases and/or deaths from COVID19.” UTTERLY FALSE, started in Washington State nursing home from guy returning from Wuhan. He was american even if he looked KungFlu. I remember it well because SPONHEIM denied it, then a week later, there were 38 cases. :slight_smile:

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