Face Masks Are Not Safe! Why Are Govt’s Forcing Us To Wear Them?

The debate about the effectiveness of face masks has become a hot topic in the modern day reality of COVID19. Americans are publicly shamed and exploited via viral video for not wearing face mask in today’s world. But what does the “science” actually say about face masks?

First we must differentiate N95 masks (aka N95 respirator) and the regular homemade or retail cloth/fabric masks. N95 masks (surgical masks) are designed to filter out 95% of airborne particles. In theory, lowering the percentage of airborne virus infection when one is worn.

But according to the Centers for Disease control in response to the H1N1 in 2009, they admit there is a “clear absence of clear scientific data” in relation to the effectiveness of N95 face masks.” Below is a paragraph taken from the CDC website stating that their guidance for N95 face masks is based on “the basis of public health judgment, the historical use of facemasks and respirators in other settings for preventing transmission of influenza and other respiratory viruses…”

cdc_face_mask    Source : Centers for Disease Control 2009

So according the the CDC, who is now advising the American public to wear masks under the guise of Coronavirus prevention, admit that there is NO SCIENTIFIC basis for wearing a N95 face mask to prevent airborne virus infection. And even “if” the N95 masks really are effective in preventing the spread of viruses (COVID19), the Food and Drug administration (among other U.S. government bureaucracies) have told the American public not to use and/or purchase them. N95 masks are considered “perosnal protective equipment (PPE)” and are exclusively designated for healthcare and medical professionals during the time frame of this COVID19 pandemic.

Now as for the effectiveness of cloth/fabric homemade masks, there actually has been a study done; and its not good. The University of South Whales conducted a study in 2015 and concluded that people who use cloth masks “actually put themselves at increased risk of respiratory illness.” Moreover the study discourages the use of cloth masks on a global scale. Yet the experts who are forcing us to wear masks (while ignoring this medical study) are the same who shun the COVID19 treatment of hydroxychloroquine because of the “lack of study.”

So why are the “authorities” on a municipal, State and Federal level beginning to mandate the use of face masks in public? Part of it is a government power play on the People of America. One example of this is Dr. Anthony Fauci himself once touting that face masks “only make People feel good” and that “People shouldn’t be walking around with masks.”

Now that Fauci has become a FAKE NEWS mainstream media poster-child, Fauci has miraculously become a proponent of face masks; even advising governments to be “forceful as possible” on mask rules. Fauci has taken his position as a medical public servant and turned into a non-elected dictator who is never incorrect and what he says is law. Below is a video of Fauci after testifying in front of congress with his face mask on during testimony, but watch what he does after the cameras are off.

Other examples of government mandated face masks being a power grab against the American People are contact tracers, forced COVID19 vaccinations and forced quarantines/shutdowns. The previous will not be the focus of this article, but it underscores the stretch of authority being implemented by government; and how mandated face masks are a stepping stone towards the aforementioned government objectives.

Another part of the face mask enforcement is legal liability. Both public and private institutions, at the present time, can be sued in connection with COVID19 infection(s). From public schools to brick-mortar businesses are now requiring face masks in an attempt to defend themselves against litigation from claims of COVID19 infection. But what these retailers don’t realize is that by forcing face masks in their business puts them a risk for a lawsuit in and of itself.

For instance, a retailer who is supposed to be open to the public that forces patrons to wear a face mask in their establishment with the intent of COVID19 prevention are, in essence, giving one medical advice.  Unless the business is certified by the State to practice as a medial and/or healthcare facility, the retailer has no legal RIGHT to force face mask on its patrons. Moreover, because of medical privacy laws under the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” or “HIPAA, a blanketed medical requirement (like face masks) to enter a business could put People with certain undisclosed medical conditions at risk.

Unless there is certain immunity for public and private institutions, face masks will continue to be required in public areas; even though there is medical studies showing that cloth masks (which is what most of the public is wearing) double your risk for virus infection. And now, thanks to the on going Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA protests, if law abiding citizens want to protest against these encroachments on their Constitutional Rights due to COVID19, they will be met with violence by the previously mentioned ANTI-American organizations.

So America’s law abiding citizens find themselves in a fight for the Rights against foul government bureaucrats, the mainstream media disinformation and Anti-American domestic terrorist organizations. What are we to do? Is this the beginning of the end of America, or are we going to stand up against this insurrection? Time will tell…