Ghost’s Thoughts on Herman Cain

RIP Herman Cain (December 13, 1945 – July 30, 2020)

I could not bring myself to do a broadcast yesterday (07/30/2020) after hearing of the death of Herman Cain due to “COVID19.” I know all of you trolls would do nothing but be vulgar pieces of trash because of the extended history Herman Cain has had with my show. He was the first candidate I ever publicly endorsed on my show (True Capitalist Radio at the time) when he ran for President in 2012 during the Republican primaries.

Back in 2011-2012, during a time when the sitting President (Obama) was sowing the seeds of racial division, Herman Cain was an inspiring American example that contradicted the race hustling rhetoric. He was fearless in his criticism and/or activism, and unadulterated with his political/social views. Hence, why I publicly endorsed this man in back then, and I personally believe he would have beaten Obama if he would have been the Republican nominee.

Herman Cain was a man who came from modest means and, because of this great country we call America, paved his own path in life to accomplish what many can only dream of. He was a God fearing man, a Father, a CEO, Federal Reserve Board chairman (Kansas City) and (most important) an American Patriot. Accomplishing all this during a time the “Left” would call an era of racism.

He was a Black man who didn’t use the excuses peddled by race hustlers and poverty pimps. Instead, he used the Freedom and the opportunity of America to create his own destiny. He was hated by Democrats, Liberals and Leftists alike, because Herman Cain’s very existence contradicted their economic and racial propaganda.

America, especially during the current madness of the present day, has lost a Patriot with vast knowledge, wisdom and strength; which is becoming extinct in this country as each day goes by. I am proud to have endorsed him for President and have his name affiliated with my show. It’s an honor and I will miss him dearly…

My Thoughts on How Herman Cain Died

It is of my opinion that Herman Cain was killed, just like tens of thousands of others, because he was put on a ventilator. Below is one of many reports stating that he was on one of these machines.

It has been known for decades that ventilators cause death; a study published in April 2001 suggests that Ventilator-associated Pneumonia should Independent Risk Factor for Death. New York City finally realized back in April of 2020 that 80% of people who were put on ventilators ultimately die.

What’s scary about all this is that the entire U.S. Healthcare industry has been shutdown to exclusively deal with the COVID19 virus. Hence, no one is allowed to see patients once their admitted into ANY U.S. hospital. So ANYONE who goes into a hospital during this  time will be at the mercy of the hospital staff and their medical decisions for your health; with no advocacy of family and/or significant other(s). The patient themselves are sedated and/or put into a medically induced coma when being put on a ventilator.

So why our supposed “healthcare heroes” doing this to innocent people? Now that the U.S. healthcare industry is shut down because of COVID19, hospitals need revenue to stay open. Right now, hospitals are paid for each COVID19 patient, and get paid three times as much if they are put on a ventilator.

Many of you are probably saying, “Ghost, there’s no way people in the Healthcare industry would be this sick and knowingly kill people.” Our so-called “Healthcare heroes” claim that there are so many COVID19 patients that they’re running out of hospital beds. Unfortunately, the American public will never know if the previous is true because hospitals will not allow anyone with a camera inside because of the so-called HIPAA laws.

But to see what’s going on inside hospitals, all one has to do is observe the thousands of TikTok videos of our so-called “healthcare heroes” in choreographed dances and comedy skits in the same hospitals that are supposed to be “overwhelmed” with COVID19 patients and deaths. Below is a video of what I’m talking about.

Lots of empty beds, rooms and happy-go-lucky staff in the video above; considering these videos were recorded during the supposed peak COVID19 death rate (April 2020).  So that raises two questions:

  1. Are our “healthcare heroes” knowingly lying about the numbers of COVD19 infections and/or deaths?
  2. Or are our “healthcare heroes” knowingly killing people to create the COVID19 statistics (for whatever reason) and/or to keep their pay checks?

No matter the answer, its psychotic! My advice to everyone is to not go to the hospital, because once you go in, our “healthcare heroes” are the authorities who decide whether you live or die. They’ve even established “death panels” at hospitals because of COVID19. Do you really want these sick freaks in the Tik-Tok video above to make decisions on who lives and who dies?

Please keep yourself and your loved ones informed because the government, the media and the Globalists are an enemy of the American People.


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  1. Hey just wanna say you got a really awesome show, I live in europe so I only get to be part of the latter half of your shows but they are so much fun and high energy, your jokes and ranting about the retards and f slurs in chats is hilarious and I love just chillin listening to music with your show. Hope to see more as I just found your channel on dlive a few weeks ago.