Sorry For The No Shows… I’ll Be Back!

I wanted to extend my sincerest apologies to those who’ve been excepting shows this week; I’ve had to take a week off to deal with business and personal issues. I will be back no later than 10/13/2020. Everyone who’s donated during this time off (before the next show) will be honored and/or played on the next show; this includes people who purchased a Thunderdome chatroom and/or IC slot.

I will also release a couple of articles on here (Ghost.Report) about my thoughts on the VP debate, elections and other subjects. Sorry once again, but I got to take care of a few things that require my full attention. I will be broadcasting very soon.

Cheers, baby, CHEERS!


P.S. Check out the fan-run archive of all TGS and SNTS shows. Or YouTube search “True Capitalist Radio” or “Ghost Capitalist” or “True Conservative Radio” for the classic stuff!

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