Need a Bit More Time Off From The Show… Sorry…

Now I know many of you all are going to be upset about me not doing shows; I’m sorry. I still have business and personal issues I’m currently dealing with that require all of my time and energy. I know I owe a lot of donos and I will honor them as soon as I come back; which will be very soon. I will begin inviting people who purchased a Thunderdome and/or IC chatroom slots tomorrow. I will try to be back as soon as possible. Sorry once again…

I do want to add that the Capitalist Army and I have been conducting political operations against the Anti-American Democrats and their minions. So please continue to promote and vote for Trump 2020!

Does America really want Joe Biden, who could be hiding a major illness, with his senile old finger on the nuclear button?

Come on man!




P.S. I DO NOT have COVID19!

7 thoughts on “Need a Bit More Time Off From The Show… Sorry…

  1. Ghost, you will be missed. Take your time man. I’ve been watching your show enjoying the trolls since 2012. I know how to be patient and wait for another good episode of The Ghostler Show. Stay safe, come back soon.