The Reason I’ve Been Gone? RIP Templeton…

I know I haven’t conducted a broadcast in a couple of weeks, but it brings me great pain and sadness to announce that my best friend, Templeton, has passed on. The way Templeton passed was unsuspecting and untimely; I still can’t believe it! There’s a gaping pain in my heart that won’t go away after all this.

It started two Fridays ago when I did my daily routine of walking Templeton so he could do his business, which he did (healthy, at the time, looking poop). Then, as our routine goes, I feed him after his walk but this time it was different; he did not touch his food. This concerned me because when a dog doesn’t want to eat their food, its not a good sign. He seemed observably fine other than that, so I decided to get his favorite Human food, cheeseburger, to see if he’ll eat it. Unfortunately, he only ate a couple of bites.

Later that same Friday evening, Templeton began to repeatedly throw up and could not keep ANYTHING down (not even water). Mrs. Ghost and I stayed up with him all night trying to have him keep something down in his stomach without throwing it up. As early Saturday morning approached, Templeton began trembling uncontrollably which is a very bad sign. Mrs. Ghost and I rushed Templeton to an Animal Hospital where they x-rayed him, put in and I/V and put him in an oxygenized kennel. The Veterinarian team told us that Templeton had cancer and that his internal organs were in areas they weren’t supposed to be. Needless to say, Mrs. Ghost and I were devastated and in disbelief, but because Templeton was a pure bred dog, the Vet told us his condition looked hereditary and that there’s no guarantee he would survive surgery.

Before we could make the decision on the surgery, we wanted to spend time with Templeton in his oxygenized kennel. As Mrs. Ghost and I approached, Templeton was not looking good. He was lying down, looking weak and his eyes barely open; he saw Mrs. Ghost and I with tears streaming down our faces. Then, in that moment, Templeton used all the power he had left in his dying state to stand up and licked our hands. We told him we loved him so much and how much he meant to us. He then collapsed and died there as we were visiting him. And like that, our Templeton was gone.

As you can imagine, this was very shocking to me and I’m not taking this very well. Templeton was a big part of my life for the past five or six years and now he’s gone. I miss hearing his paws tapping the floor, I miss his bark, I miss his unconditional love and I miss his friendship. My home is now eerily quiet, and the silence just reminds me that Templeton is no longer with us.

I am going to seriously try to see if I can come back this Thursday (10/22/2020) for the Presidential debates, but I can make no promises. Aside from my own grief, I’m not ready for the trolls and what they’re going to say about this. So I hope this explains why I have not done a show; I haven’t even been to the IC and/or Thunderdome chatrooms. My apologies to all expecting a show, but I hope you all now understand.




P.S. The cherry on top is that the Animal Hospital still billed me $1200.

15 thoughts on “The Reason I’ve Been Gone? RIP Templeton…

  1. Take all the time you need Ghost. The real fans will be here to support you on your return and also ready to commence more internet tomfoolery and shenanigans for the upcoming election. ****TRUMP 2020 / KAG****

  2. Hey Ghost. It’s Hanz Guvenschmitz I know how it is. I lost my childhood friend Cookie last year during the summer and I will never forget how she was there for me when many weren’t. Her death still hurts me to this day. I wish you the best man. Most of us (at least the actual listeners that aren’t trolls that love your real political dope.) Hope to see some shows from you soon.Take the time you need. The real homies won’t forget you.

  3. Sorry to hear, Ghost. It sounds twisted, but one of the greatest gifts that dogs give us is their short life. They teach us how to live in the moment, cherish the present and love those around us, and how to let go when the animals and people we care about die. They are our greatest companions and teachers. Sorry for your loss.

  4. I’m sincerely sorry for your loss. I’ve lost many dogs and it never gets easy. They make our lives better in so many ways and are always present and in the moment. Sorry Ghost, life fuckin blows sometimes, at least your dog got to live with such a kind and loving family, even through the interwebs your love for that dog could be felt.

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