FBI Covering For Joe Biden? FBI Had Hunter Biden Laptop Since December 2019.

As the developments of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop continue to shed light on the corruption and criminality of the Biden Family, we have come to find out that the laptop in question had been confiscated by the FBI on December 9th, 2019. This, once again, puts the FBI in the spotlight for its now persistent influence, political favoritism and misappropriation of Justice during another Presidential election (remember the Hillary e-mails in 2016).

For those who are still unaware of the Joe Biden son controversy, an owner of a small computer repair shop in Delaware (John Paul Mac Isaac) obtained 3 laptop computers belonging to Hunter Biden; only one of which were salvageable. The computer store owner claims no one ever came by to pick it up after 90 days; which is a policy that gives the computer store ownership of the laptop. Once the computer store owner saw the information in the laptop, he knew the content was compromising and dangerous. So the store owner called the FBI, they obtained the laptop and have been sitting on it ever since.

Prior to the FBI obtaining Hunter Biden’s laptop, the computer shop owner made copies of Hunter’s hard drive because he claims he “didn’t want to get murdered.” The store owner sent copies of the hard drives to President Rudy Giuliani and Giuliani’s lawyer as a “lifeguard,” which brings us to the present. As of right now, anyone who posts anything related to this story are being banned on social media and character assassinated by the “mainstream media.” The latest lie being put out by the mainstream media is that the Russians have something to do with Hunter Biden’s e-mails and other data; but this Russia claim has been discredited by the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. The Department of Justice is also quoted as saying that Hunter Biden’s e-mails are NOT a Russian disinformation campaign.

Below are disturbing pictures of Hunter Biden released by the New York Post that are being censored; which underscores the allegations that Hunter Biden was kicked out of the military for smoking crack. This is what the mainstream media and Silicon Valley are trying to censor? Why?

As embarrassing to the Biden family that this may be, this is not the serious and illegal content of Hunter’s laptop. What should disturb all Americans (no matter political affiliation) is the direct evidence contradicting Joe Biden’s statements of “not knowing about Hunter’s business dealings,” and how the Biden family sold out America to foreign countries to lavishly enrich themselves. Even Hunter Biden’s business partner, Tony Bobulinski, claims the Hunter’s e-mails are valid and the Biden family planned on making millions of dollars by selling American political influence to international entities like China.

But what’s most disturbing is the possibility of alleged child pornography being on Hunter’s laptop. Several sources who are directly involved with the content on the hard drive have eluded that child porn/illegal images are on the laptop in question. If this is true, and the FBI has been sitting on this evidence, then what does that say about the FBI itself?

Below is an interview conducted by Maria Bartiromo and Senator Ron Johnson who is Chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee eluding to the possibility of child porn on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Senator Ron Johnson and his committee investigated Hunter Biden’s business dealings. He knows the high crimes and misdemeanors conducted by the Biden crime family.  In this interview, he’s pleading with the FBI to come clean about what their investigations have uncovered; to no avail.

Another individual who has analyzed the Hunter Biden hard drives is Rudy Giuliani’s close confidant, Former NYPD Commissioner, Bernard Kerik. Bernard Kerik eludes to potential illegal images (child porn?) and and e-mails between Hunter Biden and foreign entities describing Joe Biden’s percentage payments which allegedly passes through Hunter to Joe Biden ( which should be investigated by the IRS for how and if that money was claimed).

Below is an interview with Bernard Kerik and Newsmax TV’s Chris Salcedo. In this interview, Kerik is baffled on how the FBI has sat on this information since December 9, 2019 (during the bogus Trump impeachment trial) and how no one in the Biden family is in handcuffs.

Why has the FBI just sat on this information? Joe Biden’s wife Jill believes that the American People don’t care about the Hunter Biden’s e-mails. But its obvious from the bits of material that has been released thus far from Hunter’s laptop that this information could be used to blackmail or compromise Joe Biden if he became President. But if one really thinks about it, if Jill Biden’s claim that the American People don’t care about this information, the mainstream media is refusing to investigate this information, Silicon Valley is silencing this information and the FBI knows about this information; does this mean America itself is already compromised?


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