Ghost Thoughts: Election 2020 Is Being Stolen As We Speak!

It is now the day after the Presidential election, and we have States still counting votes? Why is this happening and what does all this say about how we elect the people who are supposed to lead the country? But let’s all be honest, this election fiasco can be attributed to only one thing, mail-in ballots.

When the idea of mail-in ballots became a reality, it gave way for Democrat municipalities and States to conduct election fraud and/or ballot stuffing without directly linking those conducting the fraud itself. Notice the States that have yet (as of 11/4/2020 at 7:00pm CST) to count all of the votes; Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Moreover, Wisconsin has been declared a Biden win by a mere 20,000 vote separation from Trump. All the States mentioned previous have a heavy Democrat influence, and President Trump is certainly in the right for asking for recounts and stop counts. There needs to be Federal authorized individuals outside of the State’s influence to properly recount and/or validate the votes in the aforementioned States. Another thing, the fact that the Democrats lost seats in the House and did not take the majority in the Senate also does not reflect what is going on in the Presidential election.

Absentee Ballot vs. Mail-in Ballot

The biggest confusion about this 2020 election is the Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts manipulating the American public into believing that Absentee Ballots are the same as Mail-in Ballots. To get an Absentee Ballot, a registered voter must request one through their State government, which accepts or rejects the application. When someone is approved to vote absentee, election officials mail the voter an absentee ballot, which they complete and sign, and return by mail or, under certain circumstances, fax. Officials can reject absentee ballots if they are improperly filled out, and voters face steep penalties if they falsify any information.

A Mail-in Ballot is a random unsolicited ballot mailed to registered voters which is sent to their address before Election Day and mailed back by the voter or deposited at a voting location or secure dropbox by a certain time on Election Day. It is Mail-In Balloting, which is unprecedented for a U.S. Presidential election, that has put this 2020 election in the precarious situation we are now in. And now the Democrats, the same criminal organization who got exposed by WikiLeaks in 2016, are using this Mail-in Ballot fraud as a means of defeating President Trump. The Whitehouse recently posted a .pdf showing over a thousand instances of voter fraud BEFORE MAIL-IN BALLOTING became a reality.

The supposed excuse behind this Mail-in Ballot insanity is COVID19, but anyone who supports Mail-in Balloting is going against the foundation of how America elects its leaders. If Americans are afraid to physically go and stand in line to elect their leaders at the polls because of COVID19, then they don’t deserve to have their vote counted. Lest we forget that America invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to destroy their existing institutions and rebuild them as voting democracies. America forced Afghans and Iraqis to physically stand and vote amidst the threat of suicided bombings, death threats and other acts of violence. And now, in today’s pussy-whipped America, the land of the Free and the home of the Brave are too afraid to go to a poll and vote because of the fear of catching a flu? What does that say about the American public?

If Biden and the Democrats Steal the Presidency

Unfortunately, because of all the career bureaucrats within the American government system and the weaponized American media, the possibility of Biden and the Democrats stealing the presidency is a real possibility; that’s the bad news. The good news is that Biden has no clear leadership, coalition or vision for the Democrat party; the party is splintered into progressive and centrists. Biden will have to push agendas in the House that appeal to the far-left like Bernie Sanders and the centrists like Joe Manchin for anything to advance in the House. Not to mention that Biden will be forced to deal with a Republican dominated Senate for any policies to be advanced in that chamber. Biden has also lost his edge with minority groups (Blacks and Latinos) because of his insensitive gaffs and authoring of the 1994 crime bill that put a generation of minorities in prison.

So a Biden presidency looks like 4 years of Henry Clay-like compromise, which is unlike the Democrats to even entertain, or it will be 4 years of nothingness. This is NOT the scenario the Democrats were hoping for. This 2020 election has, at the very least, shown the majority of America has rejected the far-Leftist progressive agenda that was being promoted by the Democrats (I.E. ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, etc). From now until the next mid-term election, the Democrat Party needs to recalibrate how far Left their agenda will be. If Democrats continue to embrace the AOC and Bernie Sanders of the party, Democrats will lose whatever influence it has left in Congress.

Final Thoughts

I’m disgusted at how many American idiots went out and voted for this corrupt political, geriatric relic named Joe Biden. Aside from being a “public servant” for 47 years with nothing to show for it, the Biden corruption that was ignored by the media, the FBI and the American public goes to show that America is headed to a point of no return.

Only in America can a significant proportion of the population believe it deserves $2000 a month universal basic income. Meanwhile, half of the WORLD population is living on less than $2.50. Only in America can People in so-called poverty become morbidly obese. Only in America can the government shut down the country for a virus that has supposedly killed 250,000 people in a year, yet 800,000 children go missing every year and no one bats and eye. I could go on and on.

The reality of America’s current social and political circumstances is a consequence of the losers of this country refusing to take responsibility for their own life choices and decisions. And instead of taking the time, effort and energy to steer their loser lives in a content direction, the losers of America find it easier and effortless to piss, moan and destroy. I predicted today’s loser revolution in America 10 years ago, and its only going to get worse. We may be at the beginning of the end…



P.S. I will be back to doing shows next week on DLive! I’m feeling better and ready to broadcast! Cheers!

17 thoughts on “Ghost Thoughts: Election 2020 Is Being Stolen As We Speak!

  1. WestCoastCapitalist told me to spam the comments here? He said he spoke to you and if enough people do it, you will come back early?

  2. Completely agree with you, Ghost. There is already enough evidence of election tampering to warrant federal investigation. Glad to hear you’re in better spirits and I’m looking forward to the next show!

  3. The average Mr. and Miss six pack, don’t care and don’t believe that fraud exist. Even if you show them evidence, all they say is Why isn’t the media showing it? DURRRRRR.

  4. My problem with this whole shit. Is that the Democrats found an opportunity and took it. Sure the game is the united states election, but they fucking followed the rules correctly. And the number one rule is “NOT TO GET CAUGHT CHEATING”, Trump can sue anyone, but the supreme court will not allow him. I won’t deny him having tons, and tons of evidence of voter frauds, burn votes, people stealing mail, using dead people to vote.

    The average American is stupid to fucking realize it and they don’t fucking care!

  5. As I recall ghost, didn’t you say in 2016, when the democrats cried and say RUSSIAN COLLUCSION! You said something about, even if there was Russian bots, so what? There isn’t anything in the US constitution….that relates to hacking an election.

    I am having doubts, about #STOPTHESTEAL. I don’t think that trump will overturn the political election towards him, but who knows.

    Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. I’m just waiting for a political shit storm to happend. BTW There isn’t anything to stop trump from leaving office, if he doesn’t want too. Nothing in the U.S constitution says about a presidential candidate refusing to concede office after an election. Just found out about that from fucking, ted talks.

  6. Great episode tonight ghost and great article. You made some very valid points with the Afghanis and Iraqis. You also made good points on the mail in ballot system potentially having serious repercussions against American’s due to the insecurity of the system, this is especially important considering people like AOC are mentioning making “lists” of trump supporters. I think overall, the best thing tonight was the episode format. This episode format was a throwback to BTR when there wasn’t endless trolls and just straight political dope. This is the best format, please keep doing this format.

    God bless ghost.

  7. Hi Ghost, It’s RegularTCA/RegularCapital here, it’s been a while, glad that you and your family are well and sorry to hear about the loss of your dog and best friend, Templeton. As for the U.S. election, I’ve been watching it closely, I was sad to hear that Trump “lost” the “election”, I knew something wasn’t right, I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm for a political figure, his rallies attract hundreds of people from miles around, meanwhile Joe Biden’s rallies were a complete joke and were sometimes hilariously hijacked by Trump supporters, but some how Biden won. The first time I heard that there was fraud in the election were the 100,000 vote dumps early in the morning, before then, Trump was on course to win. The election made me sad, even though I’m not American because I know of the horrific implications of a Biden Presidency.

    More information is coming out on voter fraud, in regards to the Smartmatic software and the Dominion voting hardware on how votes can be manipulated, it’s already dodgy enough that this voting system was not only developed outside the United States, but has links to unscrupulous countries such as Cuba, Venezuela and China, and also links to the Clinton Foundation. Also to top it off, the mail-in voting with little to no authentication and even dead people voting.

    Trump has a formidable legal team, I’ve been keeping a close eye on what Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and Lin Wood have been saying about this (as well what I’ve been reading on The Gateway Pundit and other sites or the Liberal Hivemind or The Dan Bongino Show, Newsmax or Sky News Australia), we’re only hearing the tip of the iceberg, when the “Kraken” is finally released, it will shock the world. And, of course, the lamestream media is giving this no airtime or just simply dismiss it even though there’s concrete evidence, they’re now nothing more of a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, RINOs and for the Globalists, with Fox News being the last domino to fall, the only person that’s worth watching on that channel is Tucker Carlson, but it’ll probably won’t be long before he’s forced to leave. Hopefully, Trump will be successful in the Supreme Court, thanks to the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, his case should pass through with a 5-4/6-3 majority.

    Trump has been a remarkable friend to Great Britain (especially in regards with the trade deal on our exit from EU jurisdiction and the EU Customs Unions), even though some deranged leftists in my country didn’t particularly give him a warm welcome during his state visit, he has to be the most misunderstood figure in modern history, it doesn’t help that the media twists his words and put things out of context, those on the left don’t get to hear the entirety of what Donald Trump has to say and why he has those opinions. Thankfully Brexit will finally be sorted out, we had to drain our own swamp with that incredible election Boris had late last year, but even he has shamefully turned his back on Trump and is now focused on Biden, I guess Boris is nothing more than a globalist wolf in patriotic sheep’s clothing, he better not sell us out on this Brexit deal.

    I sometimes listen to your new show, it’s on rather late for me as I have to get up for work the next day, but I try to catch up and listen to the show in the archives, I also think it’s a good idea to leave the donation videos/soundclips/text-to-speech segments until later in the show and have the news first, it will just be like the show’s format back in 2011/2012 and 2016.