Pre-Show Video Donations Will No Longer be Played First on TGS or SNTS!

I had to do this because its getting out of hand, and this should have been done a long time ago; donations/tips given before any “Ghost Show” and/or “Saturday Night Troll Show” will not be played first on the LIVE broadcast. Instead, those who donate videos before any show WILL BE PLAYED LAST on the LIVE broadcast (TTS – Text-to-speech donos/tips made before any show will be still be shown at the beginning; this is strictly for video requests).

I’ve allowed this to go on too long! So from now on, if you want to donate a video dono/tip, do it DURING A LIVE SHOW! Once again, all video donos/tips made before a LIVE show will be played at the end of the current LIVE show’s video requests. I hope I made this clear enough!

I also want to thank all those who sent well wishes and prayers during my time off. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


P.S. Joe Biden is NOT the President!

5 thoughts on “Pre-Show Video Donations Will No Longer be Played First on TGS or SNTS!

  1. Started watching for the MLP shitfires back in the day, stayed because between those, there was some genuinely interesting information.
    Glad to see you’re still going, Ghost.

  2. Please for the love of everything start letting us know when you arent showing up, you can delete the post the next day if u dont want it to clutter stuff up or whatever as if that even matters.