Info On Ghost Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt

This Christmas Eve, “The Ghost Show” will have a non-sanctioned DLive scavenger hunt where I will give away ALL OF MY LEMONS (almost $10,000 worth) to those streaming on DLive fulfilling one and/or more of the scavenger hunt challenges (list of scavenger hunt challenges will be post on Ghost.Report on Christmas Eve by 5:00pm CST).

Who can participate?

Anyone of legal age to stream on DLive under their TOS!

How to participate

  1. Must have a DLive account with LIVE video streaming capabilities.
  2. You must be LIVE on DLive during “The Ghost Show” on Christmas Eve (show start 8:30pm CST).
  3. Must have #GhostChristmasHunt in your streaming title
  4. Be ready to fulfill your choice of the scavenger hunt challenge(s)

During “The Ghost Show,” I will randomly pick a #GhostChristmasHunt stream to relay on my show.

The randomly picked #GhostChristmasHunt stream will be given the opportunity to stream themselves doing a scavenger hunt challenge.


Audience Participation 

The LIVE Ghost Show chat audience will judge what the #GhostChristmasHunt streamer deserves after performing the challenge; anywhere between 10,000 lemons (approximately $100) to 50,000 lemons (approximately $500).

The Ghost Show chat audience will also judge whether the #GhostChristmasHunt streamer has earned the option to perform a second scavenger hunt challenge, or to move on to another #GhostChristmasHunt streamer.


Why am I doing this?

It’s all in good fun. I’m hoping everyone involved from the audience to the scavenger hunt participants have great time and a Christmas Eve to remember. This is a huge thank you from me to everyone (including DLive).


Important Stuff

The Ghost Show will ONLY be giving away LEMONS on DLIVE for this scavenger hunt (NO OTHER PAYMENTS IN ANY DENOMINATION TO BE EXPECTED). To understand how to convert LEMONS to USD on DLive; click here!

There is NO GUARANTEE that you will be chosen as one of the #GhostChristmasHunt streamers.

The Ghost Show is not responsible for any losses, injuries, hurt feelings, expectations, LEMON payments, privacy concerns, confrontations, wardrobe malfunctions, triggerings, seizures, pain, suffering, hospitalization, property damage, embarrassment, shame and/or any other personal claim as a result of participating in this event. You and those on your #GhostChristmasHunt stream are participating at your OWN RISK!


Merry Christmas To All,


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