Official #GhostChristmasHunt Scavenger Hunt Challenge List

Below is the #GhostChristmasHunt Scavenger Hunt Challenge list for “The Ghost Show” Christmas Eve scavenger hunt (CLICK HERE on how to participate).

The Ghost Show begins at 8:30(ish)pm CST 12/24/2020! Hope to see you all there!


#GhostChristmasHunt List

1. Put on Christmas stockings on both feet, oven mits on both hands with a Christmas hat on head; go outside a yell “I’m doing this because of COVID19; Merry Christmas!” (yell it at least 6 times)

2. Shot gun a beer, chug 2 raw eggs in front of someone a yell “Hillbilly eggnog boy!

3. Reenact the “Who’s coming with me” scene from the movie Jerry MaGuire in front of family/friends.

4. Slap someone in the face with a baguette and say “I’m the King of Baguettes, SAY IT!”  Don’t say anything else until they call you the “king of baguettes.”

5. You and at least 4 other people say into the camera “Bill Gates, we’re not going to take your Satanic Vaccine!”

6. Sing George Michaels’s “Last Christmas” in front of family/friends. Ask, “Was that gay?” immediately after.

7. Grab a stick of butter and begin eating it in front of family/friends and say “There wasn’t enough butter in the meal, am I right?

8. Eat 5 Christmas sweets (cookies, cakes, etc) in under 90 seconds. Then chug a soda and say “Take that Wilford Brimmly, Diabeetus!

9. Ascend “Super Syian” style while ripping your shirt off in front of family/friends (must be at least 2 people present).

10. Yell, “Hey Anthony Fauci, you fucked up my Christmas you little meatball eating bastard.” Then throw yourself into the Christmas tree.

11. Eat a whole pie with NO fork.

12. Do a scare prank on someone. Immediately afterwards yell, “1776 will commence again!

13. Find a coffee filter, wear it as a yamaka and then convince someone to give you some money.

14. Go outside and scream “Biden is not my President” repeatedly until you get a response from someone (not someone in your household).

15. In front of your family/friends, play air guitar and sing the song “The Touch” by Stan Bash.

16. Ask a family member to listen and give their opinion to the “Grope Gang” onlyusemeblade song.

17. Go up to whoever in your home made this evening’s meal and say “This was low-grade dog food. Next just have us wait in line for a bowl of soup and cut the BS.

18. Go into fridge and chug a bottle of salad dressing or hot sauce (your choice).

19. Ask your Mom and/or Dad to tell the story about the night you were conceived (live on cam).

20. Put on the song “Fuck the police” by NWA in front of friends and family and say “We listening to this because Black Lives Matter! If you have a problem with it then you’re a racist bigot!

21. Do a folklorico dance to “Mover La Colita” while yelling “Ariba essay, ARIBA!”

22. While clothed, crush a Christmas ornament with your gluteus maximus.

23. Ask someone to slap you in the face, kick you in the nuts and then kick you in the ass. Then say “Thank you sir/mam!”

24. Put mayonnaise all over your face and sing “Barefootin” by Robert Parker while clapping your hands and dancing.

25. Wake up someone by splashing water in their face and say “Someone get this little bastard.”


There’s the list. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! And lets make this a NIGHT TO REMEMBAAAAAAA!


P.S. Be sure to have #GhostChristmasHunt in your stream title on DLive to participate!

19 thoughts on “Official #GhostChristmasHunt Scavenger Hunt Challenge List

  1. Your DLive chat just got disabled about an hour ago. Whenever you decide to do the show again, you should probably find another site to do it on instead of DLive. Hopefully you come back again soon. Whether or not you do, at least update us on what’s going on and what your plans are.

  2. hey ghost I hope you come back soon. dont forget the real fans are out there…
    cucked dlive banned your stream chat and probably would ban you if you stream again.

  3. Ghost, I hope you have enough Propane for you’re trailer during the Texas snow storm. We wouldn’t want you to freeze you’re ass off.

  4. It’s times like these that I wish he still did twitter shoutouts, I thought of about 10 different names.

    Anyway please tell us that you’re not pissing in a bucket once the power is back on.

  5. I’d thought with the fighting qualities of Ghost’s Award Winning Smegma he would have been able to continue broadcasting and keep the Biden-Harris wolf from the door. Anyway, hope springs eternal in the human breast.

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